Sugar Contour De Force Woody Wonder Bronzer Review

by Anakha A
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Sugar Contour De Force Woody Wonder Bronzer in the shade Woody wonder 02 is matte lightweight bronzing powder for anyone who wants a beautiful sun-kissed look to their skin instantly with a stroke of a brush. The product is good for beginners and for professionals too.


399 for 4g

Sensitive skin alert?


Shelf life:

6 months

Sugar Contour De Force Woody Wonder Bronzer

My Experience With Sugar Contour De Force Woody Wonder Bronzer


The product comes in the classic signature small square sugar mini palette. Blue in color. It is simple and sophisticated and most importantly, travel-friendly and can be put in your pant pocket even because it is that thin. It doesn’t come with a mirror which is a shame because that would have made the application process easier.

Color and texture

The shade of the bronzer is Woody wonder 02 and the color almost a light brown. Very subtle. Suitable for daily wear and party wear for people who do minimal makeup. The texture is probably the best part of the product. It’s satin smooth, matte and blends very beautiful and equally and gives a wonderful sunkissed glow.


None that I noticed or something that pops out but it smelled really closely, it smells a little powdery and nothing chemical-like or pungent.

  1. Take a powder brush a sweep the bronzer. on to it, tap it once on the lid to get rid of the excess.
  2. Apply it to your cheekbones, jawline and the outer edge of the forehead.
  3. Make it lighter and darker according to your preference.
  4. You can contour your nose too with a smaller brush if you wish to

Sugar is by far one of the most trustworthy brands in Indian make up industry. The product works beautifully and stays for a very long time. The formula makes it very easy to blend and smooth to the touch. The best part about the product is that it is very comfortable to use even for a beginner.

My experience

I’ve been using this bronzer since it came out and it has been my go-to ever since. When I go to parties at and come out the early morning after so many hours, obviously face gets a little oily but the bronzer has always stayed. And I’ve never had a breakout or allergic reaction to it so it’s a pretty good product.

Overall Performance Of Sugar Contour De Force Woody Wonder Bronzer

  1. Travel-friendly and comfortable for beginners.
  2. Sophisticated look.
  3. Blends in beautifully.
  4. Matte and smooth.
  5. Dermatologically tested and good for all skin types.
  6. Good for all seasons.
  7. Cruelty-free and vegan.
  8. Value for money.
  1. Doesn’t have a mirror.

Would I purchase or recommend?

Absolutely. I purchase it all the time and I would absolutely recommend that you try it for sure especially if you are looking to venture into the world of make-up and need a starter pack, this is a must.

Rating: 5/5

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