Himani Navratna Oil Review

by Meghal Choudhary
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I had heard a lot about this oil in terms of pain relief and everything so I gave it a try because I have these frequent headache issues. One more reason was the content of herbal ingredients in the product really attracted, as I don’t think they have side effects. So let’s move on to the Himani Navratna Oil review.


Himani Navratna Oil Review 3


Rs. 65 for 100ml.

How to use:

Apply all over the body and/or scalp and gently massage. Follow with a shower.

My experience with Himani Navratna Oil

Navratna oil is really effective massage oil to relax and relive your stress. I did apply it when I was having a headache, and it really calmed my nerves and put me off to sleep. I woke up feeling very fresh and light the next morning. It gives a tingling and cooling effect when massaged.

The only reason I would not apply would be the smell. I am not really happy with the smell of the product, the mix of herbs and cooling agents like menthol. It’s very strong for me. But when you need it you need it. No doubt the product is good. The only reason for me not applying it on my face will be the smell of the product.

It can be really a good product for body massage too as it has well mixes of herbs like Lata kasturi, Amla, sailaja, kunch,nagamotha, bringaraj, japa pushpa, hriber, kshir kakoli, mandukparni, pudina phool, that can relive body pain and stress. This is Ayurvedic oil formulated by Rabindra puraskar winner Late Kabiraj shivkali Bhattacharya.

About the packing, it comes in a red translucent plastic flat bottle with the shiny labeling and flips open cap.  The liquid is red in color and it has this very herbal strong herbal aroma.

Himani Navratna Oil Review 5

  1. Herbal product
  2. Cools
  3. Relaxes
  4. Rejuvenates
  5. Good massage oil
  6. Safe to use
  7. Available
  8. Affordable
  9. Travel-friendly
  1. Strong smell (I don’t really like it)
  2. Greasy
Would I repurchase?

I would repurchase and recommend to people looking for relaxing massage oil. I would also recommend not to use it every day but just twice a week, anything in excess is bad.

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Sreeparna Ganguly November 9, 2017 - 10:57 AM

This cooling oil is great for hot summer days. It releases stress like nothing else!!
It gives me pimples still I use it..
Great review Meghal :good:

Meghal November 9, 2017 - 11:59 AM


Deepsikha November 9, 2017 - 11:24 AM

Prevents Sinus Congestion? Then definitely trying this soon!
Great review! :love

Meghal November 9, 2017 - 11:59 AM

Thank you

Smriti November 9, 2017 - 2:04 PM

I love it.