Dear Packer Lab Collection Anti-Dry & Hydrating Mask Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
5 minutes read

Providing skin with enough moisture becomes extremely important in winter or the extreme moistureless ness will cause flaky skin. Excessive dryness quickens the aging process as well. These are the reasons I try to keep my skin hydrated all day in less humid months in spite of my acne-prone skin. Plus my oily-combination skin behaves like dry skin so I need to be extra careful on the moisturizing part. Last year I discovered the power of sheet masks as moisture booster. This year I have stocked up my skincare stash with enough mask sheets. Today I will be reviewing Dear Packer Lab Collection Anti-Dry & Hydrating Mask which is a new inclusion to my vanity. Read on to know how it performs.

Dear Packer Lab Collection Anti-Dry & Hydrating Mask Review

Price- Rs.100 for 20gm(1 Sheet)

My Experience with Dear Packer Lab Collection Anti-Dry & Hydrating Mask

Packaging- This mask comes in a vibrant blue matte finish plastic packet. The packet is square shaped and it needs to be cut open to reveal the product inside. The packaging looks very attractive and it mentions every detail in a lucid manner. I like how the brand discusses the dry skin worries and how this mask will help to solve them. The packaging is quite sturdy and leak-proof. It fits anywhere pretty easily.

Colour & Texture- Once you cut open the outer packaging you will see a folded white cotton sheet mask drenched in clear colorless fluid. The fluid has light consistency; it is not sticky or extremely oily. The texture is moisturizing yet very thin. It does not feel uncomfortable to me.

Fragrance- The serum of this mask sheet has very light aloe smell. I am not much a fan of aloe fragrances so the fragrance does not feel very appealing to me. But, I can assure you that the smell is not loud. Even if I do not like the smell, it does not bother me because of its short staying nature.

Experience- This mask is enriched with Hyaluronic acid which is a great ingredient to have in your skin care products if you are looking for dry skin solution. For including this ingredient, this mask gets some kudos from me. I thought a mask for dry skin would have very sticky and oily serum but this mask has proven me wrong with its light-weight formula. I am not a person with very dry skin and this one feels perfect once I put on the mask. My skin got charged with a boost of moisturization and the hydration brought a subtle glow and plumpness to the skin. Like other masks the effect was temporary but it did what it says in the claims section. I did not get any pimples or scratchy feeling that I often get from oily products. I am happy that I bought this one. Though I did not find the fragrance to be of my liking I cannot deny the immediate result.

Dear Packer Lab Collection Anti-Dry & Hydrating Mask Review

  1. Provides moisturization to treat dryness
  2. Contains Hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera
  3. Does not feel oily on the skin
  4. Did not induce breakouts
  5. Brings healthy glow to skin and plumps up the skin
  1. Result lasted for only 2 days
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Dear Packer Lab Collection Anti-Dry & Hydrating Mask is a good quality moisture boosting mask that worked for even my acne-prone skin. The formula contains some good ingredients too. So, I think I will buy it again even if I am not a fan of its fragrance. I will recommend this mask to all dry skin people for around the year and everyone for tackling winter dryness.


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