Home Remedies for Milia

by Mallika Dharmani
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Home Remedies for Milia : Is your face sprinkled with salt??Now you must be wondering what does she mean by sprinkled with salt.Ever see those small white zits on your cheeks and under eye cheek bone area??Well to me it looks like as if the skin is sprinkled with salt.These are called milia.Milia are small white hard bumps which aren’t painful usually found near the cheek bone area.These zits aren’t much visible but who wants flawed skin??We all wish to have that clear flawless skin and milia is once again unwelcome however small or invisible it might be.

So today I’m going to discuss how to actually get rid of these tiny troublesome zits.Milia usually occurs when there is excess of sebum secretion and this sebum takes the form of a zit and appears on the skins surface.However there are no specific reasons for it and no specific cure as well.Doctors might help you inject it out but if you want to avoid the needle pricking your face then it’s time to go natural with us!Exfoliation is really important when it comes to banishing milia.You need to unclog those pores.A very simple way to do so is to use a little ground coffee (not the instant one), mix it with your face wash and scrub away the milia area softly.

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Now the real cure to this is once you are done with the face wash routine, mix a little Apple cider vinegar with corn flour.Apple cider vinegar is just so so great for your skin and coupling it with corn flour makes it a great solution to get rid of the zits.

Corn flour helps in absorbing the excess oil.Apply this paste…let it sit for a good 15 mins and wash off with cold water.

Do this at least once daily and say goodbye to those zits!

If you are a victim of milia you might want to go through our next article on *what not to do* if you have milia!

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