How to Use Corn hair for Beauty ?

by Sukirt Kaur
4 minutes read

How to Use Corn hair for Beauty? The corn hair/corn silk which we throw in the dustbins are much more useful than waste. Corn Hair has numerous beauty benefits which most of you are unaware of. How could have we thought of using corn hair for beauty… But here are some of the beauty benefits drawn out of corn hair,

How to Use Corn hair for Beauty ?

1 Lessens Skin Pigmentation Problems

The application of corn hair on the skin can reduce and relieve skin pigmentation without causing any reaction on the skin. Corn silk contains skin whitening properties which help to recover skin pigmentation.

How to use-

Take some corn hair and add them to boiling water. Drain the extract and store it in a bottle. Apply the extract on the affected areas and leave it overnight for the best results. Apply this extract every night until you see any change.

2 Makes your hair healthier and shinier

Corn Hair acts as a moisturizing agent in hair conditioners and shampoos. The corn hair can be infused or poured directly on hair. Corn hair, therefore, improves the texture of your hair.

How to use-

Use fresh or dry cornsilk, and add it to boiling water, and after 10-20 minutes strain the water in a spray bottle. Apply the infusion over your hair after washing. Let it stay for five minutes, and then rinse off with cool water. It leaves your hair softer and shinier.

3 Solves skin problems

Applying the corn hair/corn hair extract with a soft cloth to certain skin conditions such as boils, rashes, and acne can help to heal and reduce inflammation of the afflicted areas. It soothes and calms the skin thus decreasing or lessening skin problems.

How to use –

Use corn hair extract or use it corn hair powder and add some essential oil and make a paste. Apply this paste on the skin twice a week for the best results.

4 Acts as a Face soother

Corn hair has oil-absorbing properties which make corn silk a key ingredient in facial powders. Many mineral-based facial products utilize powdered corn silk to help in reducing various facial problems, like acne, large pores, and excessive oil secretion. Corn hair powder not only absorbs excess oil but gives your face a complete natural coverage with a velvety and smooth finish to your face.

How to Use-

Take some corn hair powder available online or at any store near you. Add this corn hair powder in an empty powder case and apply this powder to your face whenever you want.

5 Helps in Reducing Weight

Tea made from corn silk can help you to get back your slim figure back. Drink this tea without adding any sugar for the best results. Consume it 3 – 4 times a day. Corn hair has diuretic properties which help in flushing out the toxins from our body, therefore, helping in reducing weight. Corn hair is also anti-cholesterol which makes it good for health.

How to use –

Boil corn hair in 1 cup of water. Strain the water and add some honey or lemon to enhance the flavor of the corn hair water. Consume this tea 3-4 times a day for instant results.

6 Corn Silk Soap for Allergy Treatment

Allergy-related problems like itching, rashes, boils, and pain caused by wounds can be cured by using cornsilk soap. Anti-inflammatory properties of corn hair help in reducing allergies.

How to use-

Take some lime water and add corn hair to it. Strain the extract into coconut oil. Blend the ingredients together until you get a light and thick paste. Add this mixture to a container and leave it for a few days. Apply this soap to affected areas.

Above are some of the beauty benefits of corn hair. Think twice before you throw corn hair as waste into the dustbin now, you never know what benefit it can provide you.

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