Inatur Charcoal Detox Cream Review

by Varnika Chauhan
2 minutes read

What Is It And Who Is It For? Inatur Charcoal Detox Cream is an overnight detox cream for oily/combination skin. It works overnight to draw out the impurities from the skin and minimize pores!


INR 450

Inatur Charcoal Detox Cream 1


How To Use?

Apply the cream on clean skin with your fingertips and gently massage in circular motion. Leave it overnight for best results.

My Experience with Inatur Charcoal Detox Cream

I love this cream with all my heart! Let me tell you why! First of all, it works very well on oily skin. The formulation is pretty runny and very light. When you apply this, it gives your skin a dark appearance (because of the charcoal present in it). I leave it overnight and when I wash it off in the morning, my skin looks much brighter and cleaner. It does draw out all impurities and reduces the occurrence of blackheads as well as whiteheads! I do not know why this thing is so underrated!

Inatur Charcoal Detox Cream 4

  1. Purifies the skin.
  2. Leaves the skin looking fresh.
  3. Will not cause any breakouts.
  4. Gets absorbed easily.
  5. Does not contain any parabens.
  6. It is pH balanced.
  7. You get 125g of product for a decent price.
  8. Contains neem extracts!
  1. Not suitable for dry skin.
  2. Cannot be used during day time.
  3. Available only at selected stores.
Overall Would I Recommend Or Repurchase?

Of course, I would! If I ever finish the first tub!

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