Incolor Hi-Tech Eyeliner Review

by Sahiba Singh
4 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Incolor Hi-Tech Eyeliner Pen is pen eyeliner which is from Maybelline it has a smooth and semi-matte finish. The color is jet black. This eyeliner is also available in blue color.

For anyone looking for good eyeliner in pen form which is within their budget then they can check this product ou


Rs.210/- for 2g

Incolor Hi-Tech Eyeliner Pen Jet Black Review 3

How to use:

The product is simple to use.

It looks like an ordinary pen and you just need to hold it and apply the eyeliner onto the eyes, the angled and round tip of the product will give you smooth. Clean and evenly looking eyes.

My experience with Incolor Hi-Tech Eyeliner Pen Jet Black

The Incolor pen eyeliner has been with me for over 7-8 months. And it’s a good product. It mostly lives up to the claims made by the brand.

Incolor Hi-Tech Eyeliner Pen Jet Black Review 4

It is a good product and effective eyeliner, just as helpful in giving precision and results like any liquid eyeliner. The product has a smooth texture and glides onto the eyes. Also, the tip of the pen is well angled and it helps in evenly lining the eyes. The product is not totally smudged proof as after a couple of hours it does begin to fade. So if you do not want to wear eyeliner beyond 3-4 hours then you can use this but if you want it to last longer then look for other options.Incolor Hi-Tech Eyeliner Pen Jet Black Review 5

The eyeliner once applied onto eyes, dries up quickly and is absolutely easy to apply and easy to carry. The eyeliner has a typical sketch pen kind of fragrance which is something I don’t like. Overall the product is average, and cheaply priced and is available online, in black and blue color. 🙂

  1. Affordable and reasonably priced
  2. Has a smooth and semi matte finish
  3. The tip of the pen is well angled
  4. It has a deep black color
  5. Easily available online
  6. Also comes in blue color
  7. Quick dry formula
  8. Easy to carry and travel-friendly
  1. The product has a bad fragrance
  2. The ingredient list is not provided
  3. It is not totally smudge proof.
  4. It doesn’t last for more than 4 hours.
Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

Yes! It is a pocket-friendly product and is an average product that provides similar results to that of liquid eyeliner and if you have to wear eyeliner for hardly 2-3 hours then you can pick this product. 🙂

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