Innisfree its Real Squeeze Mask Rose Review

by Deepsikha Majumdar
3 minutes read

What is it and Who is it for?The Innisfree its Real Squeeze Mask Rose is a sheet mask that is for people who want to hydrate their skin and also want their skin to become smooth and soft.

Innisfree Rose It’s Real Squeeze Sheet Mask 3



Rs. 100 for one sheet mask.

How to Use It
  1. The first step is to wash your face. You can use a face wash or you could just wash it properly with water.
  2. Use a toner no even out the texture of your skin.
  3. Then apply this sheet mask on your face and leave it there for about 15 minutes.
  4. Once done, don’t wipe out the excess serum. Instead, pat it gently all over your face so that the skin can absorb it.

My Experience with the Innisfree Rose It’s Real Squeeze Sheet Mask


The Mask comes in a smooth packet. There is no chance of any leakage. The mask is folded in inside the packet. To take it out, you need to rip open the packet, take the mask out, open the folds carefully and then place it on the face. It has two holes for the eyes, one for a part of the nose and one for the lips.

I loved this mask. The mask not only hydrated my skin but also left it smooth and supple. It thoroughly cleaned the gunk from the pores and the mild rose fragrance added to the freshness. I use this mask almost every time I experience a breakout on any part of my face. Not only does it reduce the pimples but also makes sure that he marks lessen slightly.

The effects of this mask do not last more than two days. Also, the serum is slightly on the thicker side. So it feels a little sticky if you do not massage the excess serum into the skin until it is absorbed.

For prolonged effect, I need to use this mask at least thrice a week. And it is best if you apply this at night, before going to bed.

  1. Reasonably priced.
  2. Hydrates the Skin.
  3. Nice Mild Rose Fragrance
  4. Leaves the skin smooth and soft
  5. Travel-friendly
  1. Serum is slightly thick
  2. Effects don’t last more than two days
  3. The holes for the eyes and nose are not perfect.
Would I Recommend or Repurchase?

Yes, I would recommend this mask for everyone. This mask has no particular skin type and everyone can use it. And as the price is not high, this is the perfect solution for a fast skin fix at the end of a long tiring day. I have already repurchased it and will do so in future as well.

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Sreeparna Ganguly September 30, 2017 - 2:11 PM

Innisfree masks are of good quality.
Loved your review 🙂

Deepsikha October 10, 2017 - 12:44 PM

Thank you Sreeparna! :love
Yes their masks are really amazing!

Nikhita Ferreira October 10, 2017 - 1:37 PM

Love this mask

Deepsikha October 10, 2017 - 4:12 PM

Yes this one is very effective! :good: