Jovees DE TAN Face Wash Review

by Bhumika Gupta
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What is it and who is it for? Jovees DE TAN Face Wash by Jovees, a brand which is gradually getting well in the market. The face wash comes in an orange colored tube packaging. It is thick and in gel form, with fine granules, which are smooth enough. It indicates that it would help in removing dead skin as well. The face- wash also helps in removing the daily basis tanning happening. The color of the face-wash is light orange, which is really refreshing and perfect for the summer heat. It does give you skin clarity also. It has a flip open cap, which would be travel-friendly. It is for anyone and everyone who wishes to try de-tanning products.


INR 175 for 120ml.Jovees DE-TAN Face Wash Review 2

How to Use:

Moisten face, squeeze out a small amount on your palm, and the massage it gently on your face and neck, rinse it well and your face will definitely look fresh<3

My Experience with Jovees DE TAN Face Wash

I am totally happy with the face wash for now; it is for oily as well as dry skin. It’s been more than a month that I have been using this, and till an extent the product fulfills the claims made by the brand. It does give you a fresh and a neat look, the fragrance of the face wash is amazing yet not very strong, so it doesn’t irritate a sensitive nose.

Jovees DE-TAN Face Wash Review 5

It does help in removing the daily basis tanning and makes your skin clean. The color of the face wash being orange, looks refreshing to me, it is easy to carry, easy to open and shut. It is one face wash that I will be sticking too in this hot weather.

  1. thick, in gel form
  2. granules are not hard, but soft
  3. good fragrance
  4. gives smooth skin after wash
  5. helps in de-tanning
  6. Easy to carry,
  1. Nothing for the price actually.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, any day, I would totally recommend you guys to go for it and try it out as it will do well to you. It will give your skin instant smoothness and freshness. It’s cheap, so you can give it a go. Who knows, if it suits you too, then its value for money J

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