Kara Refreshing Wipes Neem & Tea Tree Oil Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Kara Refreshing Wipes Neem & Tea Tree Oil is For those looking for wet wipes that are refreshing and are okay with a strong fragrance.


INR 50 for 10 wipes

Kara Refreshing Wipes Neem & Tea Tree Oil

My experience with the Kara Refreshing Wipes Neem & Tea Tree Oil


So the wipes come in a green re-sealable plastic pouch. The front of it has an opening to dispense the wipes. The packaging is nothing fancy but it hygienic.


The wipes are made of a soft cotton fabric that is very comfortable on the skin. The wipes are in pure white that has moderate wetness. It’s light and doesn’t dry out the skin.


Now, I usually like nice smelling products. And I like the fragrance of this one too but it is a tad bit too strong. And because of that, I don’t use it on my face too much and use it to clean my hands most of the time.

My experience

What made me buy this product is that its paraben and alcohol-free and it’s bio-degradable. Kara has a few variants of wipes but this is the only one I’ve tried so far. It does a good job with cleaning and I’ve even used it to take off my makeup a couple of times and it takes most of it off. So that’s good. However, the fragrance is what troubles me. It’s a little too strong and it lingers on so that troubles me a little.

Overall Experience with the Kara Refreshing Wipes Neem & Tea Tree Oil

  1. Simple & Hygienic packaging
  2. Soft fabric
  3. Doesn’t irritate the skin
  1. Very strong fragrance and so I avoid using it on my face
Would I repurchase & recommend?

If you’re looking for wipes for general and not face use, then please go for it. It does a good job. I will repurchase but just not for my face.



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