Khadi Rose and Orange Face Pack Review

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Khadi Rose and Orange Face Pack: Resorting to the natural means is probably one of the best things that you can do for your skin. Much effective as the market made scrubs and packs are, they are loaded with a lot of artificial stuff. If you are too much into vegan and organic stuff or maybe home DIYs because you think natural is the way it should be then KHADI is a brand that is highly recommended for you. Today I will be reviewing the Khadi’s Rose and Orange face pack which is worth a buy 🙂

Khadi Natural Rose & Orange Herbal Face Pack

Basic Information About Khadi Rose and Orange Face Pack

Price and Quantity

INR 90 for 50gm

How To Use

Take 5 gms of Khadi face pack and mix it with rose water, plain water or milk.

Apply a thin layer all over your face, neck, shoulders and chest area.

Leave on at least for roughly 10-15 minutes.

Splash with water and then gently scrub to exfoliate. Rinse off.


Rose, Orange, Sandalwood, Turmeric And An Exotic Mix Of Rare Herbs.

My Experience With Khadi Rose and Orange Face Pack

Packaging- The packs from Khadi come in a cute little metallic tub which has a metal cap that closes firmly. The pack inside is in a plastic bag which is resealable. You can break open the pack and dump the powder in the tub itself or keep it in the plastic too.

Khadi Natural Rose & Orange Herbal Face Pack 4

Texture and Consistency- The pack is in the form of a dry powder and you can mix it with water, rose water, aloe vera gel, milk as you may like it to form a thick paste with no lumps.

Fragrance- The fragrance is something mixed and it might be pleasant to some but to me, it reminds me of a strong medicine and I don’t approve of it much! It smells like rose and orange duh! like the name suggests.

Experience- This particular face pack claims to brighten complexion and orange are good for washing off any tan that you may have. I mixed mine with milk as milk is nourishing for the skin and plus it gives you a bright complexion too. I didn’t have any trouble in forming a paste and I thought that some lumps might be formed but hey there was never any such thing! The pack dissolved nicely and it spreads evenly on the skin too. You can make a thin paste or a thick one. I didn’t feel any irritation while using this one and I kept it on for 20 mins as suggested on the product instructions. I usually wet my face and then remove the pack by scrubbing it in circular motions. The best thing about this is that the pack is slightly exfoliating and it makes the skin smooth and nice. After removing the pack I could see a visible glow immediately. Skin looks cleansed too. I continued using this for 5 days straight and yes it does slough away the tan after using it straight for some days!

The skin might feel a bit stretchy so follow up with a cream of some sort.

Khadi Natural Rose & Orange Herbal Face Pack 5

Overall Performance of Khadi Rose and Orange Face Pack

Pros -
  1. Washes tan
  2. Slightly exfoliating
  3. Brightens
  4. Cleanses skin well
  5. Skin looks refined
  1. Might be a bit itchy for some
  2. Skin is slightly stretchy after use
Would I Repurchase and Recommend

Well, it worked well for me as far as the tan removal goes out and yes it brightens the skin too though the glow is just temporary. But then at this price, the results are quite commendable.



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Smriti October 26, 2017 - 8:05 AM

Love the packaging. Reminds me of the grandma made remedies…Great review.

Mallika October 26, 2017 - 1:18 PM

Thanks smriti.. isint the tub packaging just so vintage !

Deepsikha October 26, 2017 - 9:42 AM

Great review Mallika! :balleballe
How do you think it would work on Acne prone skin?

Sreeparna Ganguly October 26, 2017 - 12:50 PM

Nice and detailed review Mallika :good:
I am also interested to know if it works for acne prone skin..

Mallika October 26, 2017 - 1:21 PM

thanks sreeparna 🙂 i think this would be quite safe for your skin.

Mallika October 26, 2017 - 1:20 PM

Well any face pack which has fullers earth or is in a clay form will definitely suit the acne prone or oily skin. So will this face pack but dont expect mch from it to lessen the acne

Deepsikha October 26, 2017 - 3:14 PM

Okay Thanks! 😀

Mallika October 26, 2017 - 1:23 PM

Well it would work to make your skin clear and remove the tan if any. As it has fullers earth or multani mitti it would benefit the acne prone skin too but wont treat the acne. It would rather clear the complexion. Try the neem one if you want to Cure the acne..