Lakme Clean Up Face Wash With Strawberry Extracts Review

by Paneeni Sharma
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Lakme Clean Up Face Wash With Strawberry Extracts is a face wash with strawberry extracts from Lakme and it helps in removing dirt, dust, grease, oil, impurities from our face.

Lakme Clean Up Face Wash With Strawberry Extracts


Rs 99



Squeeze a small amount into your palm and work into a rich lather. Massage on wet face. Rinse thoroughly with water.

My Experience with Lakme Clean Up Face Wash with Strawberry Extracts

Packaging -

So the first and fore most thing which attracted me towards this face wash its packaging. Undoubtedly the color of packaging of this product is something which will surely compel you to pick it up and check out its price…. Actually, this is what happened to me. So the packaging is translucent red in color with the details written in silver color. It has a white flip top opening which is quite tight and makes it leak proof.

Texture and Consistency - 

The face wash in this tube is light red colored with small red colored granules in it. The texture of the face wash is really smooth. But the granules or beads which are present in the face wash are not for exfoliation. It has gel consistency and didn’t have any irritating action on my skin.

Fragrance - 

The Lakme Clean up Face Wash has a nice fragrance. The fragrance is quite fruity which is quite pleasant. The face wash makes you feel refreshed.

Moisture - 

This face wash after usage makes your skin feel hydrated and look glowy. It doesn’t make skin look dry but that doesn’t mean it is suitable for the women with dry skin. It makes your skin feel softer and smooth.

Lakme Clean Up Face Wash With Strawberry Extracts 3

Overall Performance 

This is undoubtedly a travel-friendly product. But according to me it is not that pocket-friendly, as one can easily find some other face wash which will be equally good with low price and greater quantity than this product. The fragrance of the face wash is quite refreshing. It hydrates the skin and keeps it soft. But it is not suitable for women with dry skin.

Would I recommend?

Yes if you want to try this product you can go for it. But actually, it’s a very average face wash and with a little high price and less quantity.

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