Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black Review

by Rashi Gupta
3 minutes read

Filled in eyebrows make you look younger and lively. Filling eyebrows are very much in trend these days.

There are a lot of products available in the market as well like pencils, gels, pomade etc.

They are available at different prices.

They are also available in a few shades with which you can match and choose for yourself.

So today I will be reviewing the first ever eyebrow pencil I purchased.

You can buy Lakme products undoubtedly. They will never bring your expectations down.

So let’s see if it worked for me or not!

Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black Review 2

Basic Information about Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black


Rs. 60 for 2gm









Bring out the shape of your face with the Lakme Eyebrow Pencil. This eyebrow pencil gives a well-defined and groomed shape to your eyebrows which help enhance your look. Get perfectly accentuated eyebrows with this eyebrow pencil by Lakme. This water resistant eyebrow pencil is long lasting and doesn’t require any touch ups and it can be used for a more dramatic, bold effect too! It’s easy to use, easy to sharpen and something you should try! Features & Benefits:

  • Water resistant.
  • Easy to sharpen & use.


Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black Review


Fill your eyebrows using this pencil with a very light hand.

Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black Review 3

My Experience with Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black

As a beginner, I was looking for affordable beauty products. But when it came to buying eyebrow pencil, I was left with just one option- Lakme Black Eyebrow Pencil. As it was the only one available this is affordable and good quality. It comes in a black pencil form with a cream colored cap which is not so sturdy.

I wish it came with a sharpener.

The pencil is not too creamy.

It has the perfect texture. I feel that the color is really appropriate for Indian skin tones.

I use it with very light hands.

It does not smudge.

It is travel-friendly too.

I did not experience any breakage of the pencil. It lasts long as well.

Though I wished that Lakme introduced some more shades as black will not suit a lot of people.

As I did mention earlier that I bought it as a beginner but I will advise you all that you may like to skip this if you are a beginner because you can go over with it.

Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black Review 4

Overall Performance of Lakme Eye Brow Pencil Black

Beginners should skip it and buy when they are well versed in the art of filling eyebrows. It is a good product and moreover, it is really cheap. It will not affect you much!

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?


I will repurchase it and I recommend it as it is worth a try.


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