Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review

by V Sravanti

Hello, babes!! I don’t know why nowadays my eyes fall only upon very very interesting and multi- use products. That’s like one product having many benefits and it has a power and combination of two different products.

Today I would like to write my review on Lakme rose powder with sunscreen. This is none other like a face powder but has the power of a sunscreen too. Let us now jump to the details of the product.

Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review

Details about the Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen

The product is not a general face powder but has the goodness of added sunscreen along with its original use. The warm pink shade of the powders sets beautifully onto skin tones of wheatish to dusky tone.

Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review 3

Price- Rupees 150

Quantity- 40 grams is the quantity of powder present in a single packaging.

Shelf life– Can be best used before 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review 2

Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review 1

My experience with Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen

Skin-tone suitability- the powder sets up right for people with wheatish to the dusky skin.

Staying power- the staying power of the powder is approximately three to four hours and you need to have a touch-up of the powder once again on the go. The sunscreen effect present in the powder stays for three to four hours as well, and you will have to re-apply the powder thereafter.

Packaging- the packaging of the product can be seen in a dark violet color box, and even after you open the cap of the box, you will see another transparent layer packaging before you can actually see the powder inside the case. You also have a puff provided along with this pack so that you can re- apply the powder whenever and wherever you carry this along.

Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review 2

How to use– the packaging can be seen with an outer cap which can be removed by giving it a slight twist and then just pulling it outwards. Then, you will have to repeat the process for the transparent cap enclosed within. You will see that the puff sits on the transparent cap and you can remove the puff before removing the transparent cap and then dip the puff into the powder. Make sure you dip it in smaller amounts so that you need not remove if applied excess.

The product is a very useful product for a girl who goes out to work every day. Since the sunscreen effect provides you protection from the sun and the powder sets up your face without leaving it oily, this can be your best pick. The powder is suitable both for people with wheatish as well as dusky skin.

All the points covered above have only positives but no negatives. Moreover, Lakme always takes care that its customers are never affected by the quality of products they manufacture. So, there is no need to worry that this would harm your skin. But, always, excessive application damages your skin.

Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen Review 4

Overall performance of Lakme Rose Powder With Sunscreen

The performance of the product is remarkable whether it be characterizing its nature, shelf- life or suitable color. Moreover, the added capacity of sunscreen to a powder makes it a best seller in the market and surely the love of every lady.


  • Good staying power
  • Suitable for wheatish to dusky skin
  • The warm pink shade suits almost every skin tone
  • Awesome shelf life


  • The excessive application may leave your face looking as one with excessive makeup.

Is it recommended?

Yes! I rate the product a five- star and I am sure you will love the product too!! Rush now and grab one from the store. Drop your comments below to tell me your experience with the product as well.
Take care guys!!

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