Balance Me Facial Expression Filler Review

by Sone
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Balance Me Facial Expression Filler: First things first, this is the product that I have been using as an under eye cream for the past one month. I am reviewing it as an under eye cream. Since it has a particular effect on the under eye area, I am assuming it will have a similar effect elsewhere too.

Coming to the topic of under eye creams, everyone needs something different in their creams. For some it is the dark circles. Mallika has shared an awesome DIY dark circle removal recipe. Some people are fed up of puffy eyes while others are concerned with the dryness and fine lines under the eyes. My concern is the fine lines and dryness under eyes.

I cannot begin to tell you how unappealing that looks. I have seen so many girls that have just hit twenty, their makeup is one fleek and everything is going great for them. But there come baggy lined under eyes…the concealer set in patches…and you go…oh no!Makeup can hide everything, but it cannot hide the skin texture. This is why, I am sharing this review with you girls out there 🙂 Target your skin issues and eliminate them 😉

Balance Me Facial Expression Filler Cream Review 3

What is it and who is it for?

A product targeting at filling fine lines and initial wrinkles on sensitive and wrinkle-prone areas of the face.



How to Use:

Cleans efface, ton and apply a pin drop amount using your ing finger on the eye area.

My Experience with Balance Me Facial Expression Filler

I purchased this product last year from Luxola…I was going through that anti ageing binge phase:P Anyway it was sitting lost in some corner. Meanwhile I started looking for some good eye cream, for the under eye dryness and lines. Guess what I discovered then! This tiny bottle, looking at me with innocent eyes:P (Imagine Imagine !!)

I read through the directions and BINGO! This can be used for under eye lines. Perfect. I started using this. This was 1 month ago and I am hooked! This little beauty actually works and I am all praises for it 🙂

Balance Me Facial Expression Filler Cream Review 2

When you apply it though, you will die a bit for the first 20-30 seconds. It feels that a couple of ants have come and commit mass suicide…it burns like a b!  Then suddenly it gets fine. The under eye dryness and lines have just vanished. I so wish I had before pictures to show you.

Now I had some very fine lines in my under eye area…so the results have been quicker. With deep lines and excessive dryness, give this cream more time.

Needless to say, I am not applying this on any other parts of my face yet. Too precious! My eyes love this  🙂

Balance Me Facial Expression Filler Cream Review 7

  1. Blends in quickly
  2. Hydrated my under eye area
  3. I can actually see the lines vanishing
  4. Hygienic packaging
  5. 99% natural
  1. Pricey
  2. Stings a bit initially
  3. Available in UK or Sephora online…not in India yet  🙁
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Love it. I am recommending it as an eye cream for under eye lines and dryness!!

GlossyPolish Verdict

5 /5

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Mallika August 17, 2017 - 10:30 AM

sounds like a clear winner. i wish i could get hold of this too !