Loreal Sunset Glow Blush Review

by Pavithra Dhanapal
2 minutes read

Who is it for?Loreal Sunset Glow Blush is a warm toned blush.

Product Price: INR945

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My Experience with Loreal Sunset Glow Blush

Basically, I have a very Tanned-Dusky skin tone. It’s like a Death wish that I could never wear pink or peach blushes, all I could wear was Bronzers (the golden and the brown ones). But Bronzers are not like everyday thing. You can’t wear bronzers and show up to work or college or class. And so I started my search for a subtle blush which gives a glow and does not make my dark skin look awkward. The first thing that I came across was L’Oreal Paris Brand (I always search brand wise) had a few collection of blushes.This one caught my eye because it got three shades perfect for day and night plus the mirror is top notch.

The design of the product is so chic! I loved it the moment I saw it. Each palette contains a dark shade, a mild shimmery shade, and a completely shimmery shade. The product when applied correctly stays for 4-5hours. It doesn’t completely wear off until washed or cleaned.

The packing of the product is perfect; the blush doesn’t break into powder or create a mess (when handled safely).

It creates a dimension and makes the cheek bones to stand out.

I used it for a college function and the results were amazing, even my friends loved it.

The product does not claim to be waterproof, but I find it to be waterproof, which is great. The brush that comes along with the palette is good, but not great. The bristles are soft but not so soft. Otherwise, it takes the product and spreads evenly.

L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Blushing Kiss 04 Sunset Glow Review 1

Overall Performance 

Overall it is an amazing blush for girls and for working women and it is great for daily use. The product does not have any fragrance. It is an excellent product with a golden sheen that will make you glow!

  1. The blush can be used as a final touch for your desired look. Use it properly for dimensions.
  2. This blush palette can also be used as a highlighter and as an eye shadow.
Would I recommend it?

YES, absolutely I will recommend this product!!

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Paneeni July 25, 2017 - 6:20 PM

Wow these shades are so pretty ??