Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction Ice Cube Review

by Akansha Chaudhary
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A lip gloss is one of the first make-up products that almost all of us started using when we were girls. I still remember being super excited to wear my lip gloss to school back in 7th grade. From then to now, lip gloss has been a staple in my makeup bag. Lip gloss is easily available at almost every cosmetic store but finding a good one that isn’t sticky or heavy on the lips and doesn’t break one’s bank too is very difficult to find. I was searching for a lip gloss that was cheap and long-lasting and that is when I came across lotus’ seduction botanical lip gloss.

Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction Review

What is it and who is it for?

Lotus’ seduction botanical lip gloss is a unique, high-gloss lip care formula which is enriched with botanical extracts of grapes and jojoba. It has a non-sticky feel which makes it comfortable for daylong wear. The product comes in a cuboid tube with a doe-foot applicator. The product is for anyone who loves a non-sticky and light lip-gloss or wants to convert a matte lipstick to a glossy one as these glosses are a very good product to layer on top of drying matte lipsticks.



It retails for Rs.245 but I got mine for Rs.215 on a 15% sale from Nykaa. It comes in 17 different shades. Each tube contains 4 grams of product. I got mine in the shade 32 Ice cube. It is a transparent lip gloss with a pinch of shimmer that doesn’t look chunky on the lips.

 Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction Review 1

Natural/organic/vegan  ?


The product is natural and organic and vegan. The product only contains jojoba and grape extracts.


What does the Brand Claim about Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction?

The brand claims that this lip gloss has a non-sticky feel and keeps the lips moisturized and comfortable for long. This product contains jojoba extract (which is an anti-oxidant and a moisturizer with healing properties) and grape extract (an anti-oxidant and a mild astringent which helps tone the lips). The product also provides the freedom to be used as a top coat.

Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction Review 2

How to use?

I would suggest exfoliating your lips first. Then you can either use this lip gloss on its own on your lips or use it on top of a lipstick. If you choose to use it as a lip gloss you can do so by directly opening the tube and using the doe-foot applicator to apply it on your lips. However, if you choose to use this on top of a matte lipstick to make it a glossy one I would suggest that you dab the product over your lipstick (this will help in keeping the doe-foot applicator from getting stained) and gently rub your lips together to ensure an even coat.


My experience with Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction

Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction Review 3

My experience with this product has been nothing but good. The lip-gloss is extremely light and non-sticky, and I use mine as a top coat on all of my dry matte lipsticks when I want to go for a glossy lip. It helps my matte lippies last longer and makes sure my lips don’t dry out. When I use this as a lip gloss I make sure to carry this product in my bag with me because it has a very sleek packaging and needs a bit of a touch up when worn on bare lips.

Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction Review 4

Positives of Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction

  • It is non-sticky
  • It lasts long
  • It is hydrating on the lips even over the most drying matte lipsticks
  • It is cheap and comes in a sleek packaging


Negatives of Lotus Botanical Lip Gloss Seduction

  • It transfers a bit
  • Needs a bit of a touch up when worn on bare lips


Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would repurchase this product. Next time I will also try a different shade from their range of shades. I would recommend this to everyone, it is a must have.


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