Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sun Block Cream SPF-25 Review

by Neha V
5 minutes read

What is it and who is it for?Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sun Block is a sun block cream meant for kids, so there is no harsh reaction on their gentle skin.

lotus herbals safe sun kids sunblock review


Rs 295

How to Use:

Apply liberally and evenly over the face, neck, hands and exposed parts of your child’s body. Reapply frequently for maximum protection.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sun Block Cream SPF-25:

Well, when I went out to get a sun cream for my 5 year old girl, my main intention was to save her skin for tan and sun darkening and sun burns, At the same time, I did not want her to wear too many chemicals on her skin. I did see some Banana boat sun blocks at the store but somehow the chemical list looked a little scary. Not that this is great but Lotus herbals is a trusted brand so I picked this one immediately.

This comes in a fat tube, the print and picture on the tube is not at all appealing, so request the company to change it for kids to like it šŸ˜› the tube is normal flip open cap style and makes it easy to use. I do wish they get a huge pump style bottle as well.

The lotion is thick and not greasy I would say, just the required oil base. This does not look very thick or something that would block the pores on the skin and make you sweat profusely, thank God for that, kids do not enjoy sweating one bit!

lotus herbals safe sun kids sunblock review 5

The cream does not absorb completely but has that block effect on the skin, which sometimes gets patchy and gets hard work. But over all, in a minute you should be able to massage it on the face and body.Ā This removed dry ness as well, and it does not have that shiny light-reflecting feel to it at all. It looks quite natural like a wearing a regular kid’s cream

Now definitely this needs a reapplication but in this case, I cannot do that in school, despite that, the cream has managed to save my daughter for tan and sunburn; I cannot see any patchy darkness on her skin for the past week.What more, I have used it myself, you will be shocked to know I am allergic to most sunscreens, especially this chemical called Benzephenone -3 I have noticed, but this kids sun block is gentle enough for me as well. I am enjoying wearing it by mixing it with foundation or lacto calamine.

  1. This is light enough
  2. Looks like a regular cream on the skin
  3. No allergic reaction for gentle kids skin
  4. Can be used by grownups alike, who prefer to skip a few chemicals
  5. Saves from tan and sun burn in a city like Pune at least
  1. Could need a minute to absorb
  2. Could get patchy at places
  3. The picture on the tube does not appeal at all
  4. Some may find SPF 25 too little
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes for sure, I will always keep one at home for myself and for my daughter.

This is good enough for daily use, unless you are travelling to a very hot and humid place like Goa, where you may need stronger protection.

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