MAC Bombshell Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Bombshell is probably one of those forgotten pinks from Mac that most of us didn’t lay our eyes on…

The brand describes it as a warm pink with a frosty finish that is permanent. It comes for a price for $17 which is a pretty price to pay for just another regular pink.

However, the color is any typical pink that you might come across quite often. Nothing unusual about it to be honest but then again it’s a great regular pink to go with. There is something about frosty finishes that appeals to a lot of people so if you are one of them you might want to try out these dupes.

Surprisingly there aren’t many for such a common color.

So I managed to dig up three dupes for you guys,

MAC Bombshell Dupes 3

# MAC Bombshell vs.  NYX Georgia

Now before I even talk about the color for this one let me tell you that people all over the net have claimed that this lippie, in particular, doesn’t smell too great. I have been forever writing about the NYX lippies and never have I come across such reviews but nonetheless thought of letting you guys know.

If I talk about the color that’s a match for sure.

This one can safely be called as a great match and is easily available for $6 too.

The texture is buttery and moisturizing.

MAC Bombshell Dupes 2

Image Credit : Pinterest

# MAC Bombshell Vs. Cover Girl Feline

A very girly name for a pink lippie like this.

Has the right amount of shimmer in it along with the perfect pink color.

Helps the dry lip beauties too as it has a flattering formula which keeps the lips moisturized and has a metallic finish too. Has a decent stay for 4 hours what else can you look for in a dupe for just $6.

MAC Bombshell Dupes 1

Image Credit : Bethy’s Beauty Spot

# MAC Bombshell vs. NYX Jupiter

Another NYX has you covered however the color leans more towards a cool blue but it’s hardly something that’s going to catch your notice.

Fairly pigmented-    stays on for 3-4 hours – creamy and moisturizing…. what else??? a $6 dupe for all you bombshells out there.

MAC Bombshell Dupes

Image Credit :Merowardrobe


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Aria April 27, 2017 - 3:09 PM

Like it’s name ; Bombshell !! B-)

Mallika April 29, 2017 - 12:28 AM

Absolutely 🙂