MAC Chatterbox Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Chatterbox Dupes: For the chatterbox in all of us, there is this happy pink color. Macs Chatterbox is one shade which is definitely going to bring out the lively girl in you. A very neutral and muted pink which instantly adds to your fair look. For those of you who always wanted this but never could manage to have one, you can definitely chip in for its dupes which are very promising.

MAC Chatterbox Dupes 2

#MAC Chatterbox vs. NYX Fig

You can be just as much of a chatterbox with fig because this dupe is perfection. Right down to the R the color of this lipstick is on point. You simply can’t tell the two apart. Comes in a creamy texture which is similar to Mac’s chatterbox. And for all this, you just have to pay a price of $6 and save the other $10.

MAC Chatterbox Dupes 1

Image Credit :kina-san.exteen

#MAC Chatterbox vs. Revlon Colorburst Lip butter Sweet Tart

If Nyx didn’t work out for you Revlon has done just as good of a job when it comes to the color match. The color is simply the same but Revlon has a slight sheen it which gradually disappears after application. Again for a price of $6 a great alternative.

MAC Chatterbox Dupes 3

Image Credit:pandorasbasket

#MAC Chatterbox vs. L’Oreal Colour Riche Pink Fever

The ultimate refuge for those who didn’t get any of the dupes listed above is L’Oreal which looks just as good. The texture is not too creamy and not too matte. Just somewhere in between. The price is a little steeper than the other two dupes -$8!

MAC Chatterbox Dupes 4

Image Credit: youtube

Now you can be a chatterbox even without the chatterbox 🙂

MAC Chatterbox Dupes

Image Credit: Giphy

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Smriti March 27, 2018 - 12:34 PM

i loved these dupes. i will probably try the color riche lipstick from L’oreal.. lovely post as always Mallika…