Mac High Tea Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

Mac High Tea Dupes :We have covered a lot of dupes – reds, pinks, purples and what not. But today we have a different colour.Mac’s high tea is a shimmery copper shade that would be perfect for the no makeup look.

If you can’t have Mac then Revlon is just as good when it comes to duping Mac.

Mac High Tea Dupe 1

#MAC High Tea vs. Revlon Just Enough Buff

Just enough buff with just enough colour and shimmer is what makes Revlon a perfect dupe for Mac High tea.The formula is creamy and non drying on the lips.

Stays on for 4 hours whereas Mac stays on for a safe 6 hours.Revlon is easily available both offline and online and comes for an attractive price of just $6.

Mac High Tea Dupe 2

Image Credit : Kina-san-exteen

Soooo you can choose this and save a good $7-8.

For a colour that you wouldn’t indulge in everyday, this dupe seems like a pretty good option 🙂

If you want to grace the high tea look, look no further!! <3<3

Mac High Tea Dupe

Image Credit : Giphy


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