MAC Instigator Dupes ! You’ve Gotto Rock this Fall!! <3

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Purple has recently become the new knock out of the town. Until yesterday people didn’t even count purple as a lipstick colour but now some people have it as their only cult favourite lipstick in their stash.

Here is a lipstick which will instigate the purple lovers to get this colour – INSTIGATOR!!

A blackened purple which will turn the things all the way up if you carry it like you own it!


Go ahead and take your toss with these dupes which are just as instigating!


MAC instigator Dupes 2

Image Credit : pinterest


# MAC Instigator vs. Wet N Wild Vamp It Up

If I told you that this amazing colour is duped by WNW and is available for only $1 who wouldn’t grab it. ??

A to the point dupe for instigator which is likely in every aspect.

The swatches indicate the uncanny colour match and both the lipsticks have the same amount of sheen!

A great dupe for people who are looking for an alternative to INSTIGATOR!


MAC instigator Dupes 1

Image Credit : pinterest


# MAC Instigator vs. NYX Transylvania Soft Matte Lip Cream

A picture is worth a thousand words! The color, the finish…every single thing about this dupe screams go get me now 😛


MAC instigator Dupes 4

Image Credit : Lipstick Alley


# MAC Instigator vs. Revlon VA VA Violet

REVLON has always won us over with its wide range of colours and comfortable texture and this time it has also matched the beautiful instigator to perfection.

Mac might look slightly purpler in the hand swatches but on the lips both of them look exactly the same…


MAC instigator Dupes

Image Credit :anniesbeautyblog


Another great buy for just $8 which won’t leave purple lovers disappointed.

You guys can give Maybelline’s Midnight plum a try too!


MAC instigator Dupes 3

Image Credit : tumblr


It’s fall season people. Get your rage colours out!


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