MAC Plumful Dupes !

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Plumful Dupes :Hey you guys,I hope you are in the pink of your health and enjoying the summertime!Bright sunny days and lots of bright lipsticks to pipe you up each summer day.Hope your lipstick haul keeps growing! The MAC Plumful Lipstick was reviewed recently.

Maybelline Mauve Mania

So today I have the dupes put together for another one of those tempting MAC lipsticks. The one that we will be covering today is MAC PLUMFUL which is a Pink lipstick by Mac described as a *Blossoming Rose Plum*. A rose pink shade that has hints of slightly darker pinks resembling the plum color and giving it that plum touches…

So anyone up for some plums?? Oh, I mean Plumful Dupes??

# MAC Plumful Vs. Maybelline Mauve Mania

A dupe for half the price of Mac which looks just as good in color and texture.

This is definitely going to be the number one on the list for the dupes of Mac Plumful if I talk about the color match.

The only difference in color that I would be pointing out here is that Maybelline is slightly pinker but then that difference is almost negligible.

MAC Plumful dupes 1

Maybelline is moisturizing but it tends to settle in lines which might not look so good and this one has a rather funny smell to it so if you have a sensitive nose you might not be so happy with this.

However, it has a decent stay of 4 hours and doesn’t really smear! Comes with a price of $7 and available everywhere 🙂

# MAC Plumful vs. Rimmel It's A Keeper

Well, it sure is a keeper with its color being a beautiful match to the Mac Plumful.

Rimmel leans slightly more towards pink than Mac but nothing that can be noticed until you really dig into details to find something to differentiate.

The texture is quite flattering and it’s going to leave your lips moisturized and hydrated all day due to its creamy consistency. However, this may make it a bit difficult to perfect it on the lips as it’s quite buttery in texture.

MAC Plumful dupes 2

Image Credit: themintedblog

The slant of the lipstick bullet makes it more comfortable to apply.

The fragrance is light (the signature Rimmel lipstick scent)

Comes at a price just as flattering- $7

# MAC Plumful Vs. Revlon Sassy Mauve

Revlon lipsticks have always been a hit with their super comfortable lipsticks that stay put for quite a decent time period.

The sassy mauve is a replica of Plumful and there isn’t much to tell the two apart.

MAC Plumful dupes 3

Image Credit: Pinterestpinterest

If you observe you might find a hint of more pink in Plumful but there isn’t anything telling the two apart when applied on the lips.

Mac also tends to be a bit shiny however this lack of shine can be completed with a dab of gloss.

Glosses and powders both can be used to adjust the texture of the lipsticks as long as the color matches nicely. Use them both to get a shiny look or a matte one accordingly 🙂

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