MAC Russian Red Lip Glass Review

by V Sravanti
5 minutes read

A big hi to every reader reading this out. I know I have always come up with lipsticks in many shades as of now, but, this time, you will have to see a slight shift from a lipstick to what is known as a lip-glass. Lip glass is one introduces by MAC which is unlike the traditional baked semi-solid lipsticks. Lip glasses look more like lip gloss tubes. In the lip glass, the lip color is more of liquid type and comes with a soft applicator. Now let’s quickly jump on to the product description.

MAC Russian Red Lip Glass

Basic Info about MAC Russian Red Lip Glass



  • An alternative to traditional glamor properties of a matte lipstick, this has more of glossy and shiny properties.
  • Intense color finish
  • Softer, easy glide on application
  • Moisturizing and incredibly wearable
  • noticeable Pigmentation
  • Long lasting
  • Bold color
  • This bold color changes our entire makeup look


MAC Russian Red Lip Glass 2

PRICE- The price of the product is Rs. 1450.

WEIGHT– the product weighs around 4.8 grams.

PACKAGING– the Lip glass comes in a cardboard packaging, easy to unbox. Inside you can see a transparent lip glass and you will able to see the color of your shade as well.

MAC Russian Red Lip Glass 6

HOW TO APPLY– You have an applicator inside like that of a mascara to apply this. Just keep twisting the cap in anti- clockwise direction to open the applicator. This glides effortlessly on your lips and gives them a bold color. Close the lip glass by twisting the cap in the clockwise direction.

STAYING POWER– The pigmentation of the lipstick is amazing and it stays for almost 6 hours even after meals. It transfers a little bit occasionally.

MAC Russian Red Lip Glass 1

My Experience with MAC Russian Red Lip Glass

MAC Russian Red Lip Glass 4

The product has firstly got me a lot of compliments. Though I love it, I prefer ruby woo to Russian red. According to me, Russian red suits more for people with a brownish skin tone. For people who are fair in complexion, the Ruby Woo shade suits best. Russian red may also be applied occasionally and gives a glossy show to your lips. Both Russian red and ruby woo look alike for the first time but you would change your opinion on the application.

MAC Russian Red Lip Glass 8

Overall Performance MAC Russian Red Lip Glass


Gives a bold and beautiful look to your face. Ruby Woo is bright neon red and the Russian Red is a deeper bluish red. It is easy to apply, gives a slight deviation from your former lipsticks. It is smooth and I can say, has a great value for money. It has a creamy texture and is also having long staying power. Highly pigmented and no touch up is required until you have two meals wearing it. It is also moisturizing and can be carried anywhere.

The only drawback the product carries is that it is costly and doesn’t last long, on the daily application. May last up to three months if applied daily and up to one year on at- times application.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, of course, you should give it a try for sure! I give a 4-star rating to this product. If you like bold red shades, then your hunt for one of them ends here.

Keep buying a product, keep trying them and as always, look beautiful! See you guys reading my next review.

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Smriti May 10, 2017 - 1:55 PM

Beautifully written.

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Thanks a lot!

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Beautiful shade :love

V. sravanti May 19, 2017 - 11:02 PM

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Insightful review :good:

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Thank you!! I wish you buy that! It looks good on everyone.

Kanika May 10, 2017 - 9:45 PM

Hot shade of red :haanji

V. sravanti May 19, 2017 - 11:02 PM

Yes it is!!! Bold too

Tanu Shree May 11, 2017 - 4:49 PM

Love that shade!

V. sravanti May 19, 2017 - 11:03 PM

Me too!! Buy that!