Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
5 minutes read

Today I am reviewing Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry. Maybelline’s Baby Lips range does not need any introduction at all. This universally popular lip moisturizer range has never failed wow me. I am a huge fan of these lip balms. I actually judge the performance of other lip balms by comparing them to Baby Lips! My lip balm collection not only includes tinted Baby Lips from various ranges but also tint-free ones. Recently I finished up a tintless Baby Lips called Mango Pie and this time it is the turn for another non-tinted Baby Lips variant called Anti-oxidant Berry. Mango Pie was a great variant to own. Let’s check out the review to know how this berry enriched variant works.

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry Review

Price- Rs.175 for 4gm

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry Review 1

My Experience with Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry

Packaging- This lip balm comes in a tiny base-twist bullet. The color selection of the packaging is very attractive. The bullet is colored in pastel blue and its tiny cap and the writings on the bullet are in pastel pink. Like all other Baby Lips, the packaging is very sturdy and completely travel-safe. In fact, this tiny tube will certainly become the star product of your purse! The lip balm had an outer packaging showing the important information regarding the product. I have lost that flap so there is no way to show you the ingredient list.

Colour & Texture- This is a tint-free and colorless lip balm. It gives a translucent finish to my lips. The texture of this lip balm is moisturizing. But its formula is slightly lighter than Maybelline’s other colorless lip balm Mango Pie. This one is a non-greasy balm that gives a nice shine to the lips. It gives lip gloss like finish to my lips. The staying power of this lip balm is about 4 hours in my case counting the drinks in between.

Fragrance- This lip balm has berry fragrance to it but the fragrance is not like common berry scented products. The scent is sweet but not too sweet like Lotus Herbals’ Strawberry lip balm or The Face Shop’s berry hand cream. The fragrance is not long staying so if you are not a fan of the smell you will still survive.

Experience- This beery enriched lip balm is one of the oldest variants of Baby Lips in India. This one is surviving the competitive market of lip balms because of its moisturizing power and non-greasy finish. This is a very lightweight lip moisturizer. I am a matte lip lover but sometimes I like to flaunt shiny lips too. I use it over matte lipsticks to bring the glossy finish to my lips. That is why the tip of my lipstick has taken a reddish tint. I have used this as an overnight lip balm for soft lips. I apply it in a thick layer and the next day I wake up with plump looking lips. It heals chaps and makes the dead cells of my lips soft. My homemade lip scrub does the rest and I am ready to put matte lippies again in my smooth pouts!

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry Review 3

  1. Light and non-greasy lip balm
  2. Non-tinted formula
  3. Gives glossy finish to the lips
  4. Does not leave behind white cast
  5. Makes lips look fuller and healthy
  6. Great overnight lip moisturizer
  7. Nice substitute for clear lip gloss
  8. Heals chapped lips
  9. Has SPF 20
  10. Attractive packaging

None for me!

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Maybelline Baby Lips Anti-oxidant Berry is a good quality non-tinted lip balm that nourishes the lips and makes lips look fuller. It is a glossy finish weightless lip balm that I can easily put over my matte lip balms to make them cream finish. So, I am going to repurchase it. I will suggest this lip balm to anyone who wants a decent lip softening product under Rs.200.


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Smriti January 22, 2018 - 10:55 AM

I had this one also. I used to love it great review .

Sreeparna Ganguly January 22, 2018 - 11:03 AM

Thanks Smriti for sharing your view :love

Meghal January 22, 2018 - 11:55 AM

I use to use this a lot and I loved it
Amazing product

Prachi singh January 22, 2018 - 1:44 PM

I definately will give this product a try .