Maybelline Colorshow Red Carpet Creamy Matte Lipcolor Review

by Smriti S
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Lipstick is a part of every person’s make up routine. The right lipstick has the ability to make the face look extremely attractive whereas a bad shade will spoil the effort of the entire makeup done. Hence it is important to choose the right kind of shades. Today I will be reviewing the Maybelline color show red carpet lipstick. As the name suggests, the red carpet is basically a shade which can be used in parties and much more. Read on to know how the lipstick fared for me.

Maybelline Colorshow Red Carpet Creamy Matte Lipcolor 1

 Basic information about Maybelline Colorshow  Red Carpet  Creamy Matte Lipcolor

Red lipstick is every girl’s love and weakness. Choosing the right red depending on our skin tone is a pretty difficult task. Earlier, people considered that red lips are only for the night time, during parties, events, weddings, etc. but currently, the trend has changed. Red lipsticks are for every occasion, morning, afternoon, night anything. This is because of the variety of red lipsticks shades that have come in the market.

Maybelline Colorshow Red Carpet Creamy Matte Lipcolor 2


Rs 325 (but currently on offer in nykaa)

Net quantity

3.9 g

Maybelline Colorshow Red Carpet Creamy Matte Lipcolor

How to use

Open the cap top and swipe generously on your lips. About 2 shades can be applied for a bold look. One swipe for a subtle look is sufficient. A lip liner is not really necessary but if used, it gives a sort of pump and volume to the lips.


My experience with Maybelline Colorshow  Red Carpet  Creamy Matte Lipcolor


It comes in a cute cuboidal shaped container, which can be twisted to reveal the lipcolor. The shade name and color are printed on the container, which makes it easier to choose the shades. The packaging is pretty decent overall.


Depending on the shade, the fragrance varies. The one I have smells like a mixture of strawberry and banana.

Maybelline Colorshow Red Carpet Creamy Matte Lipcolor 3


I have always liked Maybelline lipsticks, since they have a large range of shades, along with a decent price and good color pay off. I am a great fan of red lipsticks and I was in search of a proper, perfect red shade that can be used during any time of the day. My search ended when I saw one of my friends wearing this shade. I fell in love with this shade immediately. I asked her about the color code and name and immediately purchased it. And I don’t repent it. This shade is my go-to shade for any occasion, parties, outing, wedding, dinner and much more. Also, this shade is perfect for those romantic dates as well. The color doesn’t bleed hence you can wine and dine in peace with your special ones! I usually apply two coats of this and I am good to go. So girls, if you are looking for the perfect red, your search ends here.

Maybelline Colorshow Red Carpet Creamy Matte Lipcolor 4

Overall performance of Maybelline Colorshow  Red Carpet  Creamy Matte Lipcolor


  • Great color payoff
  • Wide range of colors
  • Perfect red shade
  • Smells great
  • Smudge proof
  • Matte
  • Doesn’t dry out the lips


  • High content of lead

Most of the leading brands including the international ones have lead content. The only purpose of mentioning this con is to let people know the harms of lead. If the lips, by mistake, is smacked off when these lipsticks are applied, regularly, it can be fatal. For those who use lipsticks without licking the lips, it is absolutely fine. I love using these lipsticks since I completely avoiding smacking my lips.

Would I repurchase or recommend?

Yes, I would definitely recommend all the girls out there to try this lipstick. Apart from the fact that they have a high content of lead in them, they have no other cons. It can be used every day but the only fact to remember is that never smack your lips since that will make the product go inside the body. I would give this product a 5/5 since it has a great color pay off and it comes at an affordable price range.

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