Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha Review

by Aayushi Jain
4 minutes read

Hey, there lovely girls!

All of you will agree with one thing I have to say; no makeup is complete without those perfect chiseled eyebrows, right? So today I am reviewing this brow pomade crayon which is latest in India by Maybelline. Well, for beginners I have one advice, always use brow powder or brow pomade for a natural finish. Yes, there is a huge range of eyebrow pencils that you may buy but one of my makeup geek friends told me that pomade or powder define your eyebrows naturally and do not make them look as if filled in. Talking about this one by Maybelline, let us go into detail about its performance.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha 2

Basic Info of Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha

Price: Rs 450

Net weight: 1.5gm

Brand Claims: Maybelline’s first brow pomade crayon. Master the perfect brow in one simple swipe. Sculpt and tame bushy brows into refined shape with one creamy swipe of the crayon. Draw small strokes along the brow contour to achieve groomed, well-shaped brows.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha 1

Shades available: Caramel Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, and Espresso

How to use?

Glide on this easy to use brow pomade according to the shape of your eyebrows.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha

My experience with Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha

Texture: It has a creamy smooth texture which makes it easy to use. You just have to swipe once according to your brow shape to get that sculpted eyebrows.

Shade: From the available shades, I chose Mocha which is a medium brown color. Here, you have to choose the color wisely in accordance with your natural eyebrow color or else your eyebrows will not give the desired look to you.

Staying power/waterproof: Oh! This chubby stick stayed for the whole day in my case. I applied it in morning and it maintained the shape of my eyebrows till night. And yes, this baby is waterproof too but it transfers sometimes. Good news is it does not smudge. Do I need to say more now?

Experience: This pomade crayon is good to go for any party, office or daily wear. It will stay as long as you want. It is creamy and apt for managing your bushy brows but if you have thin eyebrows then do not buy this. I believe that the thick surface area of this crayon will not give the desired look. I wish it was a little thinner so that it won’t become messy for girls with thin brows. I have medium eyebrows and I manage it easily but at the ends of the eyebrows, I had to be a little careful so that it does not look messy.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha 4

Overall performance of Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha

Well, it comes out to be one messy pomade crayon if you have thin eyebrows. It has all the good qualities of good pomade but the thick surface area is a disgrace to its perfection. The shape is a pointed cone from above but will end up flat after several uses. I advise you to use a brow brush thereafter.


  • Creamy smooth texture
  • Waterproof
  • Amazing staying power
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Gives desired sculpted look
  • Perfect for medium to thick eyebrows


  • After several uses, you might have to use a brush
  • Not for girls with thin eyebrows

Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon Mocha 3

Would I repurchase or recommend it?

Keeping in mind the amazing effect it gives to your eyebrows, I will advise you to purchase this crayon. If you have thin eyebrows, you can use a brow brush instead of applying directly. I will repurchase it but I will use it with a brow brush.

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Smriti May 18, 2017 - 5:10 PM

I was actually thinking of buying this but I was waiting for it to be reviewed here. Thanks a lot..Fab review..

Aayushi Jain May 18, 2017 - 5:13 PM

Thanks. And you should buy it, it is really good. :love

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Aayushi Jain May 23, 2017 - 5:54 PM

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