Have you Tried this MITHAI COFFEE Ever?

by Sone
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MITHAI COFFEE: I like to experiment a LOT with food. Trying to come up with new flavors is fun and satisfies the creative urge 😉 Now as experiments go, some are oh wow!! and well others are epic failures…I was actually thinking of listing down some epic failures…err so that you don’t do the same mistake again? 😛 Let me know if you want to me to list..food experiments that you SHOULD NOT do 😉

Mithai Coffee Recipe 5

Now, since I have come up with the recipe today,this particular experiment was a success. I had a few left over gulab jamuns. I am a crazy gulab jamun fan. For those of you, who aren’t aware- gulab jamuns are cottage cheese and flour dumplings that are deep fried and then soaked in a sugar syrup!! Oh, they are a royal treat. There are sooo many ways to eat them! Eat them piping hot as is…or eath them with Vanilla ice cream…and when you have those mini gulab jamuns…hell who cares,just pop them cold 😛 . But as all good things go…this particular sweet too has a threshold. Once you have satisfied your initial craving…you cannot go around eating THIS much sugar! This is exactly what happened with me. But, since they were perfectly good gulab jamuns, I hated to se them go waste. I was racking my brains on how o tone down the sweetnes…and THIS happened 😉 Presenting the Mithai Coffee Recipe- Indulgent , Exotic and NOT over the top 😛

Mithai Coffee Recipe 1

Ingredients for  Mithai Coffee :

1 gulabjamun per serving

Chilled Skim /Almond Milk ( I insist on toned / non dairy milk-for lightness factor )

Instant Coffee to taste

Cocoa Powder to taste

Tiny pinch of salt

1  green cardamom pod- crushed

Mithai Coffee Recipe

Method of making Mithai Coffee :

Squeeze out most of the syrup from the gulab jamuns. In a blender, add the crushed gulab jamun, chilled milk,cardamom, salt ,coffee and coco powder. No extra sugar is needed!!

Mithai Coffee Recipe 2

Pulse on high for a minute. I suggest freezing the  serving glasses while making this coffee. Pour the chilled concoction in cold glasses and enjoy chilled.

Mithai Coffee Recipe 4

You can taste the gulab jamun in every sip…and cardamom laced coffee is going to be your thing for ages 😉 Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Mithai Coffee Recipe 3

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