Caffe Tonino Delhi Review

by Movish
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I was looking for a quiet place to dine in Connaught Place after attending a spate of parties and functions throughout the week; essentially in quest of an oasis, to calm my frayed nerves. So out went all the new, swanky pubs filled with sheesha’s heavy smoke and cacophonous mmusic! was in no mood to drink or eat rich, oily or cheese laden food .Neither did I fancy, looking  at social butterflies strutting their stuff craving attention .Nah !!! Couldn’t bear a minute of it anymore ;)Thankfully, timely mention of Caffe Tonino Delhi by a friend saved the day. There I was, looking for a place to park my car at PVR Plaza. Tonino is located on the first floor of the same building, with its entrance from a side alley.

Caffe Tonino Delhi Review 1

The Ambience

I found myself relaxing immediately as I stepped into a foyer. It had textured white walls, replete with monochromatic frames on one side and charming tables for two, set up under them. The AMBIENCE is soothing, in one word. The private and cosy dining areas were a sheer bliss to be in .The soft music lulling my jarred senses into a tranquil, peaceful mood. The place is elegant and preps you up for an authentic Italian experience.

The Food :

We were three of us and this is what we ordered:

Caffe Tonino Delhi Review

Veg Minestrone

Which was light and delicious with nicely balanced flavours. Still, I would have preferred to have a little crunch in my veggies.

Zuppa Del Giorno

A Potato, Shrimp and Corn Soup replete with robust flavours. This was lipsmackingly good. The accompanying crisp garlic croutons were to die for. HEAVENLY!! 😉

Insalata Greco

A Greek Salad which surprisingly came with picked onions .That completely ruined the delicate flavours of greens n Feta cheese with its overpowering odour .Had to be sent back.:/

Tonino Square Pizza

I loved it.The authentic Tuscan flavours of sun dried tomatoes, olives n mozzarella on a thin crust –then baked in a wood fired oven .What’s not to like? 😉

Gnocchi Napoli Con Pomodoro E Mozzarella Di Buffal

Yeah ,that’s the name of dish:)Basically a divine and light as air Potato Gnocchi in a tomato sauce with li’l chunks of mozzarella to keep you satiated. Can only compare it to the one Ritu Dalmia makes with her own hands.

Involtini Di Pollo Con Salsa AL Vino Rosso

Phew!! Yeah yeah,I know,I know.Candid Confession – I always retain the bills for reference till I’m done reviewing .I’m not a Bournvita girl 🙂 😛
It was the best thing that could happen to a chicken . Picture this, roasted chicken breast, stuffed with subtly flavoured chicken mince. It was served with a DELICIOUS sauce, Grilled Veggies and a Polenta so perfect- I can’t even say!!It was the first time I actually liked it.


One bite and you could tell that the wholesome delicacy was totally homespun and not sourced from a supplier .The homely goodness was perfect, because of its imperfect texture .I hope you got what I meant.:P

Chocolate Lasagne with Ice-cream

Sooo sinfully delightful. Chocolate brownie layered with rich, creamy molten white chocolate. What more can I say? I m afraid I might start drooling if I do.

The Service

Kept the  tempo up, with the outstanding meal throughout. We were served graciously and enthusiastically. I had a wonderful evening, better than what I had imagined.

Eating out in serene surroundings, enjoying a fresh, light meal with authentic flavours. We came out totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

Cost Of Meal for Two :

Rs 1600-2000 for a meal for two, excluding wine.

But for the Greek Salad, I would have given it an even better rating.

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Sreeparna Ganguly April 23, 2018 - 12:29 PM

I wish I lived in Delhi to explore such a wonderful place…
:good: :good: :good: for this article…

Deepsikha April 23, 2018 - 1:01 PM

Every thing looks delish! :love
Another place to try out when I visit Delhi next! :haanji

Smriti April 23, 2018 - 1:17 PM

looking forward to all the delicious veg food in delhi.. well penned,,,, B-) :love :rose:

Juhi Sharma April 23, 2018 - 10:26 PM

Food is all I want ?? worth going here :balleballe :love