Gyms Kook Review (Punjabi Bagh )

by Movish
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Gyms Kook is located opposite the Backyard on Club Road, Punjabi Bagh in West Delhi. It’s not exactly conspicuous unless you are specifically looking for it. So, when I finally got to go to Gyms Kook , I was decidedly crestfallen on seeing the façade first and then the interiors. I was expecting something grander after all the hype being generated by this outlet for its healthy and tasty menu with in my social circle. As someone who wages a perennial battle with the bulge, it seemed to be an exciting option after all and I decided to pay them a visit.


Gyms Kook Review 2


The Ambience :

The interiors replicate a gym like environment, with tables on a raised platform on the left while the ones on the right are at the normal level. At the farther end is the
dessert counter. Nothing noteworthy by way of AMBIENCE except for metal chains dangling from the ceiling and a huge poster spanning the entire wall to your right inspiring the likes of me to hit the gym 😉


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The Food :

The menu comes with a key to unravel it, which I found to be a fairly interesting concept. Vaise bhi, Gyms Kook is a concept driven eatery, one which promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages one to monitor one’s calorie intake. The menu is quite elaborate for a place offering low fat and low cal cuisine. There’s something here for all kinds of taste buds- Pizzas, Pastas,Wraps,Salads, Grilled Platters, Biryanis; lots of options in both Indian and Continental flavors. The unique aspect is that every dish is listed with not just its calories but also with its carbohydrate protein and fat content (measured in grams) – just perfect if you are following a diet regime.


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We started with a Greek Salad which was delightful and all of it amounting to just 120 cal .


Then the Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms arrived and I instantly perked up. The portion is good, unlike some places where five or six mushrooms pass off as a platter. The stuffing was of low fat Paneer and the sauce dousing the mushrooms was very flavourful. I relished every single bite of this light and yet filling preparation.


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The Pizza was Mixed Vegetable and it turned out to be wonderful. The veggies were fresh and crunchy; the use of Cheddar Cheese was a brilliant idea instead of a Mozzarella to lessen the fat. Didn’t miss the Mozzarella at all. Nor did I mind sticking to vegetarian fare that day. Surprisingly, the Pizza had French beans apart from corn kernels, capsicum, mushrooms etc and I loved that. Once you’ve eaten a Pizza at Gyms Kook, you will know what real whole wheat base tastes like. Most places just fake it .


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I found the Kiwi Mint Cooler we ordered to wash down the scrumptious pizza absolutely refreshing. I would have repeated it had I not wanted to try their desserts.


Gyms Kook Review 8


To end the meal I settled for a Tiramisu. As Gyms Kook doesn’t use any white flour (maida) or Cream, I was curious to taste a rich dessert and see how they would do justice to it. The Tiramisu was a revelation to me – of guilt free indulgence. The base was whole wheat again and perfectly crumbly, just as it should be. They had used hung curd instead of cream. I was stumped by the innovative streak of their chef as the taste was so close to the real thing, it can fool most palates


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Cos of Meal for Two :

A Meal for two would be ₹1200/-.


It’s a 4.2/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
Gyms Kook Review


GlossyPolish Verdict :

For all of you who watch your calories (who doesn’t? We eat out so much!!) Dining at Gyms Kook can be true Nirvana. You can eat what you want, as much as you want and you don’t have to live with any guilt or bloating afterwards. You feel full but not heavy, satiated and satisfied, without
having deprived or restricted yourself. It’s the best alternative to go to when you have to count your calories and yet want to let go for one meal. Go there. You’ll live without having sinned.


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