Neem Oil Benefits for Skin

by Aayushi Jain
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Neem oil is a traditional remedy of India; our ancestors had discovered new uses of neem every now and then. It is easy to avail and is considered one of the best home remedies for the treatment of acne, pimples, and other skin related problems. While neem leaves are considered the best way to get best results; one can opt for neem oil too which is easily available in the market. Also, you can always make neem oil at home too if you do not trust branded herbal products.

Neem Oil Benefits for Skin

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DIY: Neem Extract at Home

Step1: Add 1-liter water to 20gm leaves.

Step2: Let them soak overnight.

Step3: Now, grind the mixture and strain the excess part.

Now that you have your own home-made neem oil, you just have to know how beneficial it is for your skin.

Note: fights you can also purchase cold pressed Neem oil Available in the market. That oil is derived from seeds.

Top 7 benefits of neem oil for a beautiful glowing skin:

Ameliorates acne-prone skin:

Neem contains anti-bacterial qualities fight the over-productive growth of bacteria in the skin due to regular acne. It is anti-inflammatory and lessens redness and itchiness over the skin, be it face or any other body part. You can even use it as a face mask, though it can become difficult to tolerate sometimes. But yes, in the end, it will give you a beautiful unblemished skin which is worth all this.

Ageing defender:

One cannot obviously stop aging but we can control its side effects. And neem oil is here to save the day for every woman who is fed up with wrinkles and stubborn dark spots. Neem contains a high level of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients like Vitamin E and fatty acids. When these three are merged together, they lessen the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. They mix together and bring back that youthful glow to your skin that you lost and reimage the damaged skin.

Fights against dry skin:

We think that dry skin is not that big issue but many people do not know that regular dry skin can soon attract infections and allergies. Therefore, neem oil can be used as a conditioner for your dry skin because of its anti-oxidant qualities. The herbal moisturizing texture of neem oil improves the extreme dry parts like hand and feet and provides an even toned skin.

Fights allergies like Eczema and Psoriasis:

Both of these allergies cannot be cured by neem oil but it can ease excessive inflammation and itchiness. Moreover, it moisturizes and softens the skin, thus, does not let the skin to dry a lot. The allergic people know very well that how itchy these allergies can become, leading to cuts and bleeding which will further attract germs. That is why neem oil is best to use to prevent these symptoms from increasing.

Fights fungal infections:

While neem only prevents allergic symptoms, it cures fungal infections like ringworm, nail fungus or athlete’s foot. Neem has anti-fungal agents which makes it a better option than those creams that are widely available in the market. Neem leaves contain certain compounds that effectively destroy the fungi responsible for these infections.

Best sunscreen for your skin:

We know that ultraviolet sunrays are harmful to our skin and now that it is summer, our work is inevitable. But of course, we cannot let our skin get affected. To overcome this, neem oil again comes to the rescue. Exposure to the sun can lead to several skin diseases and even cancer. For this, neem oil can be used every day post-exposure. All of its nutrients like anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and Vitamin E work together to regain the original skin.

Pigmentation killer:

Melanin is the skin coloring agent responsible for balancing your skin tone. If it is secreted in higher amounts, it leads to pigmentation. Skin color, thus, becomes uneven. To control this, neem oil should be used regularly to balance the skin tone again, therefore, imparting fairness back to the skin.

Apart from these, neem oil has other benefits too. It is famously used for oiling hair. It reduces and prevents every hair problem you can think of. It prevents dandruff and split ends. If you are not able to find any solution to get rid of head lice, then neem oil will be your savior. Not only these, it also promotes hair growth leading to healthy looking hair.

I have given you the essential benefits of neem oil with details; this, for sure, is the best among other herbal products for skin treatment. Let me know if you have ever used neem in any form in the comments section.

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Didnt know abour its diverse uses! I have cold pressed neem oil and the smell is too difficult to tolerate but after reading bout the benefits, i feel i shud just use it irrespective of its smell! Good article ??

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