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Tips for Glowing Skin: You can buy a million dresses,  zillion shoes …truckloads of makeup! But you can never buy a good skin. That my friend is just priceless! Many of you really want to start taking care of your skin,but just don’t know where to begin!! There is such a huge collection of products in the market 😛

In this article, I will simplify basic skincare for you guys! For ease of understanding, I  am dividing the skin care routine, into three simple parts. The first part is the day time skin care; the night time skin repair and finally the weekly skin treatment. Here you go then 🙂

Day Time Skin Care Routine

Cleanse :

You must wash your face, at the END of your shower. When you are done with shampooing. This will ensure, none of the harsh chemicals of the shampoo/conditioner, stay. Use a gentle face wash in the morning. I use my Sebamed face wash, that I absolutely love!

Tone :

Within 5 minutes of washing your face, you must use a toner. Use a toner that matches your skin type. I have combination skin, so I like using the Body Shop Tea Tree Toner. If you have oily skin, this is again a great choice for you. For dry skinned people, take a toner which has moisturizing properties. The Body Shop Vitamin E toner is a great choice for you then.

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 Serum/Skin Treatment:

Dab a dime-sized mount of your favorite antioxidant treatment. Any good serum with Vitamin C or E will do. Never ever, use anything with Vitamin A or AHA during the aytime. If you do, you will have dead sunburnt skin! This is a very important but ignored step. This step ensures that your skin is properly nourished. I use the Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum. The Biotique Bio Dandelion ageless lightening serum is also a great, budget friendly choice!!

Sunscreen :

This is very very important! You must use a good sunscreen on your face. Reapply after every 2 hours, if you are going to stay out doors. It does not matter if its winters or its cloudy or whatever. Sunscreen is needed every single day. Sun’s rays are present, even when direct sunlight is not! Use whatever sunscreen you trust and love!

Night Time Skin care Routine

Clean your face :

Come hell or high water, unless you are too ill to get up; you MUST take off your makeup. Please avoid using makeup remover wipes. It’s not good to rub on your skin. Use an enzyme cleanser like the Mario Badescu Enzyme cleansing gel or micellar water like Bioderma. Then wash your face again, with your morning face wash.


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Repeat with your favorite toner. Swipe it across the face in a single direction.


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 Serum/ Night Treatment:

THE most important aspect. Use any good night treatment oil/serum that has anti-aging properties. For combination to oily skinned girls, I consider this as the last step. I either use my Estee Lauder Serum or the Anne Semonin Radiance oil. I am done after that! If you have mature or dry skin, please go to the next step!!

BASIC SKINCARE ROUTINE anne semonin serum

Night Cream:

This should be a decadent but easily absorbed night potion. A must never skip part, for those with aging/dry skin types. Use a good night cream like the Forest Essentials Jasmine night cream or  Sandalwood Night Cream.  40+ ladies can use their Date and Litchi Eternal Youth formula. All are great!!

Weekly Treatments


Twice a week, use a gentle scrub to remove away dead skin. Use a nice and gentle scrub like the Jovees Apricot and Almond Scrub. Alternatively, you may use an ubtan like Narangi Nagkesar Ubtan or Saundarya Ubtan. Ground coffee also works great! Just mix it with your favorite face wash!

If your skin cannot take scrubbing, I highly recommend the Alpha H Liquid Gold. This must be used for alternate nights. Dab on cotton, and swipe over face and neck. Skip scrubs to once in 15 days, I f you use this.

Treat :

Apply the face pack of your choice! I love the  Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin power recovery masque. Once a week, use homemade face pack, and once store bought one.

basic skin care routine face mask

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Use the serum/night cream of choice-for a radiant glow!

NB: This weekly treatment, must be done at least 24 hours BEFORE any major event. It takes this much time for the glow to show!!

Sorry, this was a long post!! But in here, I have tried to incorporate the basic skincare routine. I can GUARANTEE you 100% better skin if you follow all these steps! Naturally, all this holds good for you ONLY if you are NOT under Dermatologist medication/regimen. Follow your doctor in that case 😀

Trust me, all of this will not take more than 10 minutes per day. That much time, you can take out for yourselves 😀

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