Nike Woman Extreme Long Lasting Deodorant Review

by Sakshi Pandey
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Nike Woman Extreme Long Lasting Deodorant is for women who are in need of a good long lasting, odor controlling deodorant or women who are into sports and suffer great perspiration, this is a wonderful product for them at a minimal and affordable price.


INR 249 for a bottle of 200ml/138gms

How to apply?

Keep the bottle at least 15 cm away from your body and press the spray nozzle from left side of your body to the right covering the parts where more sweat is produced.

Nike Woman Extreme Long Lasting Deodorant

My experience with Nike Woman Extreme Deodorant


The deodorant comes in a grey, long, cylindrical bottle. The bottle is quite sturdy and a bit bulky to carry around. The big size of the bottle makes it less travel-friendly and it cannot be carried in a purse. The spray is the regular pink colored press nozzle spray and it has a transparent round cap.


The fragrance has a  lemony spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. The dominant top notes of this deodorant are lavender and musk. It is the perfect blend of fruity and flowery smells.

 Staying power:

This is the best thing about this product is its long-lasting fragrance. After using this spray it doesn’t react or burn the skin. The smell of this body spray lasts for almost 6-7 hours straight. The deodorant also controls heavy perspiration and fights odor.


I write this review with almost six years of experience. I have been using this deodorant since I was 15 after badminton practice and also as a daily body spray, I use this deodorant alternatively with Nike fission deodorant and these two body sprays are worth every penny.  It gives me my own distinct fruity, flowery smell.

  1. Staying power is good
  2. Doesn’t irritates sensitive skin
  3. Does not sting.
  4. Makes you feel fresh all day long.
  5. Affordable
  6. Easily Available.
  1. Not travel-friendly.
  2. Darkens the underarm a bit.

Would I recommend /repurchase?

This deodorant is a keeper, one must use it, I would surely recommend it. This is my everyday deodorant and I have been using it for last 6 years, therefore, I would definitely purchase it.

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