Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk Review

by Bhavya Kant
2 minutes read


Hello lovely ladies.

This time I am reviewing for a body lotion I recently bought.

I have always loved Nivea products. And when it comes to Body Lotions, Nivea is the best, you see!

This is not just a body lotion but also a deep moisturizing cream that smoothens the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long period.

Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk

Basic info of Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk:

It is suitable for:

  • Dry skin
  • Those who like moisturized skin every time of the day!

It costs-Rs225 (200ml)

Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk 2

Sensitive skin alert?




Brand Claims:

The non-greasy softening formula with double amount of precious Shea butter repairs skin dryness to give deep moisturisation and softer skin for days.

How to use?

  • Take the required quantity of lotion.
  • Apply it and massage all over your body.

Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk 4

My experience with Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk

This new body lotion of Nivea is perfect for dry skin (that I have) and so, I love this product. The best part is- it is non-greasy.

It does not feel uncomfortable, as it does not stick on the skin (unlike many other lotions).

It gives a long lasting moisturisation to the skin. I use it almost every day and I feel it’s a must-have product. It has a good fragrance, which makes you feel fresh all the time.

I apply it all over my body just after the bath and it keeps the body moisturized throughout the day. Unlike any body oil, it doesn’t get sticky.

Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk 3

Overall performance of Nivea Body Lotion Smooth Milk

It has some new qualities that other lotions lack and it works all day long!

So, if you have a very dry skin and cannot find a deep moisturizer for yourself, this is the product you should buy. It will reduce that dryness of the skin to a complete extent and your skin will feel smooth all day long!! :good:  :good:

Would I recommend?

Definitely, I would recommend this body lotion.

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Rashi Gupta March 7, 2017 - 4:16 PM

I will surely try it :balleballe

Cherry Singh March 7, 2017 - 10:07 PM

Just what I needed 😀 :love

Iyman June 1, 2017 - 4:58 PM

Nice review! will try it 🙂 :confused