Pantene Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner Review

by Smriti S
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Who is it for? Pantene Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner  is for those looking for a regular use conditioner for damaged hair.Pantene pro-v conditioner is a product that is to be used after shampooing or hair wash, so as to smoothen and soften the hair strands to achieve soft, manageable, healthy and damage-free hair. It claims to help repair severely damaged hair, that is caused due to extreme heat (whether or styling), hair styling products, coloring, and hair sprays or hair perfumes which are used to get amazing-smelling hair all day. It is required to massage this product onto the length of the hair only and leave for 3 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. It is best to be used with Pantene pro-v total damage care shampoo.

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner

Price and quantity

Rs 69 for 75 ml



My experience with Pantene Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner


It comes in a white bottle that has a golden colored cap and upon opening the flip top cap and applying pressure to the bottle, the conditioner can be obtained and used.

Colour and texture

It has a soft, thick texture and is white in color


It smells like some exotic perfume


I needed a conditioner badly and had run out of my favorite NYM conditioner. I purchased this from nearby stores since I found this pretty affordable and I loved the smell. I started using this and noticed that my hair was less tangled in a head bath. I have never had split ends and rough hair, but my hair is dry at the ends and I have an oily scalp. I don’t use heat on my hair, but due to the heat from the surrounding environment and pollution, my hair was damaged to a certain extent. I started using this and my hair remained soft and tangle-free for 3 days straight.  This is why I was impressed with the product. I didn’t see any major changes in my hair fall pattern though. Anyway, this product is not applied to the scalp, which is why nothing for hair fall should be expected. But in all, this product smells amazing and keeps the hair soft. After 3 to 4 uses, you will notice that your hair will be more manageable and if damaged by hair styling products, it will be repaired to an extent.

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner 3

  1. Easily available
  2. Affordable
  3. Travel-friendly packaging
  4. Smoothens the hair
  5. Repairs it from damage caused by heat and hair styling products
  6. Heavenly fragrance
  7. Makes hair manageable for up to 3 days
  8. Comes in various different sizes (try the smallest size first and buy if it suits you)
  1. Might not suit all kinds of hair (suits oily, dry, soft and thin hair type)
  2. Might cause a few strands of hair fall
Would I repurchase or recommend this?

Yes, I will recommend this product and will repurchase and try other range of conditioners from Pantene.

Rating: 4.5/5

Glossypolish verdict: In all, this is a product that works well to smoothen the hair and repair damage caused by heat and other hair styling products but does nothing for hair fall. Hence glossypolish rates this product 4.5/5

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