Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water Review

by Paneeni Sharma
3 minutes read

Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water: All girls have a lot of problems related to hair may it be frizz news, dryness or what not? We search out each and every shop in the market and malls to find a suitable product which rescues us out from these problems. But it is just not an easy task to find such a product. But today I’ll be reviewing a product which may help you out of this problem.

Pantene Pro - V All Day Smooth Miracle Water

Basic Info about Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water


Rs. 159 for 100ml

  1. Non-sticky water cream transforms into the water for an ultra-light finish and natural feel.
  2. Helps hair regain its ability to balance moisture to lock in essential moisture and shut out excess humidity.
  3. All day smooth hair in any weather – beat dryness and humidity.



Take the liquid in the required amount in your palm and rub it against your palm. Then spread this on hair dry or wet hair. Never rinse this as it is used as leave-in serum.

My Experience with Pantene Pro  V All Day Smooth Miracle Water

Our hair are very much susceptible of getting dry so therefore I tried this product called Pantene PRO – V all day smooth miracle water. This product is a white colored non-sticky gel like which turns liquid when rubbed against palm. It is very light and has a nice fragrance somewhat like shampoo. It makes my hair softer, more manageable and moisturizes them very nicely. It also controls my frizz for a good period without making them look oily or greasy. It also helps me in detangling my hairs with ease. It just makes my hair smooth. It works on all kind of hair – dry, semi-wet, wet.

Pantene Pro - V All Day Smooth Miracle Water 4

Overall Performance of Pantene Pro V All Day Smooth Miracle Water

This product comes with a pump bottle pack which helps you to draw the correct amount of serum to prevent wastage. In addition to pump bottle, it also has a transparent cap over it. This product has perfect consistency as it is neither completely watery nor too thick. So this product conditions and makes hair feels softer. It is really light and nonsticky and is affordable as well. It has not so good action on super duper dry hair and does not completely eliminate frizz.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I’ll recommend this being a good product and also if you want to try something new. And it suits almost all hair types. Pretty decent buy.

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