Parachute Advanced Coconut Créme Oil Pre-wash Hair Nourisher

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Who is it for? Parachute Advanced Coconut Créme Oil Pre-wash Hair Nourisher is a hair oil substitute that makes hair softer, less frizzy and manageable. It also works as a leave-in conditioner on extremely dry and damaged hair.

Parachute Advanced Coconut Créme Oil Pre-wash Hair Nourisher

Price- Rs.120 for 150ml
How to Use

Apply the desired amount of product to the hair (though the instruction mentions scalp I won’t suggest) and leave for at least 30 minutes. Wash off with shampoo.

Sensitive Skin Alert?


My Experience with Parachute Advanced Coconut Créme Oil Pre-wash Hair Nourisher


It comes in a white plastic bottle with a pump. The pump has a locking mechanism. The packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.

Colour & Texture

It is a white colored lotion. Its consistency is similar to a regular body lotion. It is lightweight and less oily than coconut oil. It is non-sticky and its watery part gets absorbed like leave-in creams.


It has a typical coconut oil fragrance mixed with floral fragrance. The fragrance is definitely artificial. The smell does not linger long so it would not feel bothersome.


I have naturally wavy hair. My hair’s natural texture makes it look frizzy and dry in spite of regular heavy oiling sessions. This pre-shampoo hair nourisher is designed as a substitute for hair oils but the formula includes silicones and parabens. I don’t like to put such harmful chemicals on my scalp so I apply this product only to my dry hair ends. Though this product does not add shine to the hair, it makes hair less frizzy. Naturally, hair fall due to tangle becomes less. I have used it as a leave in conditioner and this one surprisingly performed well. If used in less quantity, it can works as hair styling cream as well.

What do I like about this hair nourisher?
  1. Innovative hair nourishing product
  2. Works best as a leave-in product for extremely dry and frizzy hair
  3. Can substitute hair styling creams if used in moderate quantity
  4. Did not cause extra hair fall( I did not use it on the scalp)
  5. Makes hair easy to comb
  6. Hair fall due to knots and breakage becomes less
What I dislike about this hair nourisher?
  1. Contains parabens and silicones
  2. Should not be used as a substitute for hair oil
  3. Might cause build up if used on the scalp
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I would repurchase it as an everyday leave-in conditioner for my frizzy hair. All hair type people can use this hair nourisher. Just avoid applying this on the scalp; concentrate on dry ends.


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Apoorwa verma September 4, 2018 - 11:05 AM

I loved its creamy texture ??if one love to experiment must try this ?? loved your images and review sreeparna ❤️