Park Avenue Lively Deo Review

by Tanu Shree
2 minutes read

Park Avenue Lively Deo: Park Avenue has a knack of naming their fragrances right. If this deo says “lively” in its name, it sure is going to make you feel like that. Lively and fresh all day. But just freshness isn’t enough. A deo needs to be able to do more than that – a unique fragrance, a long lasting feel and good longevity – to name a few.I had recently reviewed the variant DIVA. So I got this one as a gift and was really, really excited about it. This was my first time using a Park Avenue deo, a brand I have heard quite praise for.

Park Avenue Lively Deo Review


Rs. 160 (135ml)

My Experience with Park Avenue Lively Deo

It really is the fresh-est fragrance you will ever experience. So lively – true to its name – that it just grasps your attention. So I obviously took an instant liking for it when I first used it.I thought this is going to be my favorite deo. Because what do we need when we are looking at an exhausting day at the office, and repeating that 5 times a week – something that can keep us going. Something to keep us energized!

But this deo isn’t that (sad!). Because as fresh as it felt in the beginning, that scent started to annoy me as the day went. It’s stronger than it should be. And it is pretty chemical too.The Brand claims that it settles into something ambery later on. But I didn’t feel that. If it did, it wasn’t that good I guess – because I don’t even remember the shift in the scent.On top of that, the spray of the bottle stopped working when the bottle was still half left. So I am now left with a half deo bottle with no way of using it.

Overall Performance of Park Avenue Lively Deo

It was good enough in the beginning and then it falls from grace pretty hard and fast. But maybe it’s just me. It might work for people who like strong scents. But consider yourself warned about the below average packaging.

Yay or Nay?

I think it’s going to be a Nay for me. Because there are so many body sprays out there. Good ones, exciting ones, by Park Avenue itself. So I don’t think I’m going to purchase back something I wasn’t so gung ho on to begin with.

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