Perfect Date Night Outfits That are NOT Dresses !

by V Sravanti
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Date Night Outfits: Dates are always fun! Whatever kind of date that might be, we actually will want to look great! Nights and evenings are preferred times to go on a date, and people generally go out on a date for dinner.

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Now, the fashion trends are changing and truly, the stylish you are, the prettier you look. However, there are some outfits that do not involve a dress. No dress doesn’t mean actually undressed, it means how you makeover yourself by wearing the least possible dresses, that too night ones, covering the body.

Now it is time to try out new outfits for a date!! Stay tuned.

  1. A Jumpsuit With Attractive Antique Jewellery
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Image Credit : Dashing Indians

Jumpsuits are single pieces that enhance the beauty of your upper and lower part of the body. These have been in trend for almost many years and haven’t faded. You can pick up a nice royal blue or a tomato red jumpsuit along with matching silver or gold plated antique jewelry as a perfect combination with your jumpsuit color.

  1. Off Shoulder Top And Ankle Length Jeans
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Image Credit : Note Devoted

Ankle length jeans make you look taller and slimmer and as we all know about the off-shoulders, just walk exposing your collar bones. It is a perfect dress just for your perfect date.


  1. Black and Black
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Image Credit : Pinterest

Black is the color of royalty. Science has proved that people who prefer wearing black have the most creative minds. Just dress up yourself with black jeans a nice black shrug over a light- shaded tank- top. This color would be perfect for the evenings but is less preferred in the afternoon time. Yet, all that matters is the place you are going.


  1. A T- Shirt Dress And A Leather Sling Bag
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Image Credit : Pinterest

A T- shirt dress can be worn along with a diagonal sling bag hung across your waist. Patterned dresses would look quite ethnic, but still, can be matched with some jewelry. It is a perfect match for a perfect lady. You can wear some loafers for that look which will be a perfect all-the-outfit style.


  1. A White Blazer Paired Up With Denim Shorts
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Image Credit : Not Your Standard

Blazers can be used both for formal and an informal look. Nowadays people are finding it more comfortable to be worn outside for shopping and all, rather than opting it for an office party. Denim pants are almost on an evergreen trend but the shorts part is the point of diversion here. Match your blazer with shorts for your date and change the general look.


  1. Crop Top And Skinny Jeans
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Image Credit : 2020Ave

The skinny jeans are always a good match with a crop top. Crop top exposes your curves and makes you look more elegant. Thus, try this outfit for your next date and post pictures on social media to know how ‘fab’ you were looking!

  1. Statement Top- Formal Pant And Pencil Heels
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Image Credit : Pinterest

The formal wear is an all-time favorite. Pencil heels will be your partner forever!! Try this outfit for that elegant look!


  1. Boyfriend Jeans and crop-top

This type of outfit looks cool on people of ay dress sizes. Starting from extra small size to little large sizes, this kind of outfit would be a perfect match for your date along with your partner. Gives a hot chic look to you!

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Image Credit : Chictopia

So, guys, these were some recommendations for a date! If you know more, please give some suggestions to our fellow readers too!! Will be awaiting comments.

Bye girls! Look beautiful, stay happy!!! Love <3




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Smriti March 27, 2018 - 1:20 PM

my current favourite is the jumpsuit..comfortable and airy..