Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Facial Foam Review

by Paneeni Sharma
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Facial Foam is for those looking to lighten the sunspots over a longer period of time.

Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Facial Foam


Rs. 86 for 50gm


Wet your face. Apply to face and neck and gently massage. Rinse off.

*Use along with Pond’s white beauty daily spotless lightening cream with PRO-vitamin B3.



My Experience with Ponds White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Facial Foam

Packaging -

Pond’s white beauty face wash comes in a white and pink plastic tube which is small and cute. The cap present is of flip top type. The packaging is spill-proof and is travel-friendly.

Texture and Consistency -

The texture of the face wash is soft and smooth. It consistency lies between too thick and too thin. The face wash is pearly white in color. Very small quantity of face wash lathers very well and is enough for washing.

Fragrance - 

Pond’s white beauty face wash has a very mild fragrance which resembles the mild and sweet fragrance of fair and lovely cream to some extent.

Efficiency - 

This face wash after usage makes skin feel softer and smoother. It removes all the dirt, grease, grime, oil, and impurities present on the skin. It even makes the face look brighter but this effect is not long lasting.


This product is good overall. It’s travel-friendly, affordable. It has got all the qualities of a good face wash. It removes all the impurities from the face. It makes face look glowing, radiant and bright. It removes oil from the skin very well, therefore, is suitable for women with oily skin but it is not suitable for those with dry skin. And the most important thing it doesn’t cause any kind of skin lightening effect.

Would I Recommend

Yes, it is a good face wash with many good qualities but if you want to try it only for skin lightening purpose then please do not waste your money on it.

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