Rimmel Lipstick Alarm – Should You Buy ?

by Gargi B Niyogi
3 minutes read

Who is it for…? Rimmel Lipstick Alarm is basically for women of all age groups…just about anybody who loves red lipstick. Availability in India is an issue…you can order it online though. As I have always believed…nothing glams up your look than red lipstick. The Rimmel Alarm is the latest addition to my kitty.

Rimmel Lipstick Alarm

Price: 4.95 Pounds (on the official website) For 0.8 ounces
How to Use

Swipe on the lipstick on your lips in clear defined strokes. You will instantly get a burst of colour…this is highly pigmented. However, make sure that you line your lips beforehand otherwise it’s difficult to achieve a neat look…the lipstick spills outside the lip line very easily.

Sensitivity alerts

No…can be used without fear of allergies

My Experience with Rimmel Alarm


This lipstick comes in a black case with shiny silver accents and the Rimmel logo on top. The lid has a slanting top and it comes off really easily…that’s an issue. The packaging isn’t glamorous …it’s just about okay


Feels like silk cream on the skin. I hate lipsticks which have to be dragged on the lips to produce color. This one can get on smoothly on the lips and it brings up a nice shot of color in one stroke.


I am not too fond of strong fragrances but this one has a distinctively sweet fragrance which is rather artificial but not unpleasant.

Staying power

This is the sad part…this adorable color transfers a lot. It just doesn’t settle in…it smudges and leaves traces on glasses, spoons, handkerchiefs and basically everything that your lips touch.

What I Like
  • Lovely lovely red color
  • The fact that it’s a copy of MAC Russian red
  • Creamy silky finish
What I don’t like
  • Not very sturdy packaging
  • Transfers a lot
  • The fragrance is a bit strong
  • Not very easily available in India
Would I recommend?

If the lipstick case was sturdier and looked better it would definitely have found a place amongst my favorites. However, this one transfers a lot too and really there’s not much to recommend it apart from the gorgeous color…the lovely red which sort of made me give it a 3/5

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Molly Hazra July 2, 2018 - 5:23 PM

Thanks Gargi for giving such a review. I will try it surely. U r looking attractive in this colour.. ?