Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover Review

by Ritika Singhi
3 minutes read

Who is this makeup remover for? The Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover is a lotion based makeup remover for your face, eyes, and lips. It is for all girls looking to remove makeup with ease and not leaving the skin dehydrated.


RM 10.90 for 100 ml

Sensitive Skin alert: 


How to use:  

The remover needs to be applied in all areas of your face, eyes, and lips from where you want the makeup to be removed. Then you can use a cotton pad and gently remove the makeup. Then you need to rinse it off with water.

Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover Review

My Experience with Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover

Packaging:  The remover comes in a simple white bottle with a green cap. The details of the product are mentioned in black on the bottle. The product also has a wide range of instructions on the bottle.

Texture: The remover is a liquid lotion based product. The consistency is not very thick so you should always use in small quantities.

Fragrance: The remover has a strong smell which I could not recognize but I did not like the fragrance of this remover.

Pigmentation: The lotion is fairly pigmented. It takes effort to remove makeup which is waterproof.

Ease of application: I have been using various water-based removers for getting rid of makeup off late and you usually don’t need to rinse your face after removing the makeup but with this, you need to rinse your face, so this makes it a little difficult to use/ apply it.

Effectiveness: The remover is not very effective and you need to rub it a couple (or more than that) of times to ensure that there is no trace of makeup left behind.

My Experience: I was lazy and reluctant to use this remover even though I had bought it as it required more steps. Once I used it, I do not feel like using it any longer. The remover is said to remove makeup with ease and utmost convenience which was not true. Moreover, it made my skin feel bad and there was irritation as well. This remover is definitely not great for removing waterproof makeup as you need to keep rubbing off the makeup and this is harsh on your skin. Moreover, you have better makeup removers available here.

Overall Performance of the Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover

  1. Simple packaging
  2. Good for non waterproof makeup
  3. Presence of aloe vera and chamomile extract
  4. Easily portable
  1. Not good for sensitive skin
  2. Harsh on skin
  3. Not a great buy for removing waterproof makeup
  4. Irritating fragrance
  5. Needs to be rinsed after removal of makeup

I would definitely not recommend this to anyone looking for a nice lotion based makeup remover.

Product rating: I would give this remover 2 stars out of 5 stars

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