the Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain Review

by Sonam Bhandari Thapar
3 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? the Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain is a cheek and lip stain for a natural blush or lip color.

the Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain


$17 for 8.5gm

How to Use:

Dab this stain on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. Use the wand to apply to your lips. Layer to build color.

My Experience with the Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain

I chose this product as a beauty subscription product of my choice. I was very eager to try this product.Can you guess why?? Well because what is better for a girl than to get a single product; for two of her important facial features, in one! Yes, that’s what attracted me towards it :). It came in such a cute and handy- carry everywhere kind of packing.

First I tried this on my lips. I got a subtle tint on my lips in 2 applications. As the product is aloe-Vera based, when it dries, it imparts softness to your lips.  Next, I tried it on my cheeks. I was super excited about it. Alas! I hated the fact that it immediately sets at the point where I apply. Before I can even spread it!! Also, if you want to darken the stain, the result is uneven patchy tint.


I would rather go for a cream based or powder based blush. You can darken or lighten them according to your wish without getting a patchy look. So this product is a total disappointment as a cheek stain.

  1. Good color
  2. Good product for lips
  3. Moistens lips
  1. Only available online
  2. Patchy look on cheeks
  3. Not worth the money
Would I repurchase and recommend?

Nope. It is not worth a cheek stain…why spending so much money, on a product that does not work well on both parameters? You can buy a much cheaper lip stain in India, with a better look!

GlossyPolish Verdict


Have any of you tried this the Balm Stain? What has your experience with gel blushes been?

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