What are the Sugar Detox Benefits ?

by Sone
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Sugar Detox Benefits: This is the part one of the series on the sustainable long term, sugar Detox. In this article, I will list down, why you have to be convinced to do it. In the second part, I will discuss how I will do it…step by step…in a sustainable manner. Finally after a month…the same day I think it will be Women’s day 😛 I will share how this thing has worked for me  🙂

Off late, I have started to observe general lethargy, tiredness…my cravings for sugar have increased and the very worst…my skin is developing telltale signs of tiredness!! Nothing worse than that 🙁

sugar detox part I (2)

I usually get into these modes of spring cleaning…be it my room, my table, my closet…and even me! It feels so great to just wipe all the negatives, all the pent up clutter and waste away and start from an empty fresh slate, is it not? It’s like one fine day…it all needs to be clean and fresh again…otherwise I just cannot rest in peace. I think it is some sort of an OCD or something…err …note to self 😛

sugar detox part I (6)

Anyways, seeing how I had let myself go the past couple of months, I was on a lookout to spring cleaning my body itself. I started searching for ways to Detox. There were truckloads of them online…the juice detoxes, honey Detox…vegetable Detox etc I thought they were all great, undoubtedly..But not practical in the long run. Besides, I was looking at my symptoms…and you know what kept on popping up over and over again? SUGAR!!

sugar detox part I

I mean it’s so simple duh!! Actually, if you think logically, Diabetes, the most dreaded disease that causes premature aging; is caused by the Sugar Imbalance. Even if our insulin levels are perfectly normal if we keep on loading our body with sugar…that cannot be digested beyond a point. Have any of you been around a sugar plant..? Trust me the entire area stinks! Just imagine the condition of our own bodies…all that sugar rotting away our organs or getting stored as fat. Sheesh…so sorry for this amplified gore attack just right now! But you get the idea no?

I will list down why sugar is not good for you:

#1 Excess Sugar Speeds up Ageing

Oh, God! No point at all spending on high-end skin care products L Trust me the skincare products work…but it is a constant battle. Your skin’s collagen is literally killed by sugar. Say hello to wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Also, sugar and dairy are HUGE, like really huge, acne triggers.

sugar detox part I (7)

#2 Both Sugar Highs and Lows are bad!

Do you feel tired from the moment you wake up…are you looking for that extra cup of tea or coffee every day to keep you fresh? Tell me…do you have a serious urge to sleep after lunch or during the day? I am not asking about a 20-minute power nap. The 2 hours let me sleep thing? WAKE up now! These are all caused by sugar level spikes followed by sudden plummet.

sugar detox part I (4)

#3 Obesity

This is a no brainer. Sugar is a carbohydrate. Excess carbohydrate is stored as glycogen in the liver and even excessive is stored as fat. Not a good thing this sugar fat! Why blame your body!

#4 Sugar replaces essential nutrients

If you will satisfy your hunger with yummy tasty sugar-laden processed food…when will you eat your vitamins and minerals? What do you expect your body to do, if not act out? It’s time to replace these things!

sugar detox part I (3)

#5 It will lower your immunity

Bacteria…yeast…they ALL feast on sugar. In less quantity, they may be good…but who wants a colonial invasion of them in the body! No.No.No! Plus, sugar hampers the proper functioning of body organs… and delayed healing. If any of you know Diabetes patients, you very well know this. It is a painful disease…and if you don’t have it…please take all steps to be that way only!

#6 Tooth Decay

Who doesn’t love pearly whites? Dentists hate sugar…and they have a reason for it. It rots away your gums, makes your enamel weak…and gum inflammation can also lead to heart disease.

sugar detox part I (5)

I am sure…there are many, many more point about ill effects of excessive sugar. But I am sure the above few are enough to put you off!

Seeing all these, I have decided to cut my sugar intake…and be sugar addiction free in the long run.

Will I follow the cold turkey…21-day sugar Detox? No. I will not. I plan on a very workable, sugar Detox plan…which I will share with you in my next post. Let us try this thing together…hopefully, it will turn out great for us: D

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