Super Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas !

by Tanu Shree
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Couple Tattoo Ideas: Getting couple tattoos can be a tricky prospect. We all want something unique, yet something that is relevant to both partners. Tattoos dedicated to one another and yourself as a power couple look better if they are relatively small in size and somewhere visible. Both partners getting it in the same spot also makes it more special. Here are some cute couple tattoo ideas if you plan to get a special something with your special someone.

🌟✨Forever Inked Together✨🌟 Hey, beautiful souls! 💑 Today, I’m super excited to share something that’s not just close to my heart but also a testament to love and unity. Yes, you guessed it right – couple tattoos! 🖤💉 Whether you’re soulmates, partners in crime, or two halves of a whole, these tattoo ideas are all about celebrating your unique bond in the most artistic way possible. From minimalist designs that whisper sweet nothings to bold statements that shout your love from the rooftops, there’s something for every kind of couple. Think tiny matching symbols that only you two understand, quotes that have seen you through thick and thin, or even simple yet powerful dates marking when your stars aligned. 🌌✒️ Remember, it’s not just about getting inked; it’s about etching your journey together permanently on the canvas of your skin. It’s a decision as significant as the love you share – so choose something that resonates with both of you deeply. 💞 Let these ideas inspire you to celebrate your love story in the most permanent way possible. Because after all, what’s more romantic than making sure part of your partner is always with you? 💏 CoupleGoals TattooedLove InkedTogetherForever Drop a comment below if any of these ideas caught your eye or if you already share an emblem of love with your better half! Can’t wait to hear about the symbols and stories that bind you together. 📝❤️ Let’s keep spreading love and art in every form! ✨

Cute Tattoo Couple Ideas

  1. Hearts

Before you discard it as generic, think of just how simple and cute it is. And the honest simplicity of the idea that your heart belongs to them is never out of vogue. They can be just outlines or filled in, colored or not, matching heart tattoos are beautiful to look at, and work even solo – for that matter.

couple tattoos 5

Image Credit: Pinterest

  1. After all this time? Always.

You don’t even have to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate this quote. The tragically beautiful idea behind the quote that even after a lifetime, your heart still beats for them is enough to get it with your partner. For the uninitiated, “Always” is what Severus Snape responds with when asked if he still loved Lily Potter after all these years, with her being dead and never even loving him back! *wipes tear*

couple tattoos 7

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  1. King and Queen

Or crowns, or both. They’re tiny, they’re cute and they speak volumes abt what your significant other means to you. It’s amazing when a guy has a tattoo that says he has someone in his life he holds as his Queen.

Image Credit: Pinterest

couple tattoos 6

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  1. Half hearts

Or any other similar icon that resembles you as a couple but incomplete/half on both partners which when joined completes the picture. As two halves make a one. There are so many choices there. It can either be two things which make a set or a single thing made half on each partner. These tattoos are mostly on the arm/wrist but you can be creative with that as well.

couple tattoos 11

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  1. Moon and stars

Space stuff that says you are each other’s moon and stars are definitely cuter than most things out there. It’s different and creative and if any of your interest is in astrology, you will like this tattoo idea even more. We see sun and moon tatts all the time, but the moon and stars – that’s unique!

couple tattoos

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  1. Yin Yang

Chinese mythology says that two completely opposite forces can merge together to form a beautiful, unique balance that makes each other even stronger. And they also make for cute couple tattoos that have significant meaning behind them. Yin is the passive force and Yang is the positive/active force.

couple tattoos 13

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  1. Mr and Mrs

This is like a variation of the King and Queen tattoo but for married, in love couples. Getting something like this on the ring finger is a cute little testimony of the magical years you have had together and many more to come. Works great for engaged, about to get married couples too – actually cuter that way!

couple tattoos 10

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  1. Forever and Always

Or any other quote, that can be dedicated to your love. Key is to keep the quote short and something exclusively about love so it is clear right away that it is for your significant other. There are so many you can find, but For ever and Always is definitely one of those evergreen ones!

couple tattoos 9

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  1. Any Couple you like

Fictional Couples you both admire make for cute tattoos. You get to express your love for the couple/story you love and as well as your partner in one tattoo. How cool is that? Joker and Harley Quinn tatts are famous – the personification of mad love. And there are so many other couples too – Han Leia (Star Wars), Monica Chandler (Friends) – to name a few.

couple tattoos 3

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  1. Same Quote both love

Any Quote you both love and resonate with, that speaks to you and your love for one another. Be sure you choose a very specific quote that reminds you of them rather than just any quote you like. The Notebook and Titanic are very preferred choices as they are the epitome of Romance for most of us.

couple tattoos 2

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  1. Infinity and Beyond

Tell the world that your love is for infinity and beyond and what your partner means to you. But rather than the old fashioned symbol, pepper it with some special words/symbols that make it more personal and more you.

couple tattoos 12

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  1. X and O

Very simple and very tiny and very cute. If you do not wish for a long/big/intricate tatt but still wish to get a memento of your love, this tattoo is for you. Even though it is pretty simple, it does not take away from the inherent cuteness it entails. Go ahead and rock the matching couple tattoos!

couple tattoos 15

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  1. Initials of each other's name

Full name tattoos are a huge deal, and we have seen so many celebrities get them over the years. But they are big and too on the nose. Initials of one another’s name are smaller in size, can be more stylized and look infinitely cute as symbols of each other’s presence in your life.

couple tattoos 8

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  1. His Hers

Nothing says “love” more articulately than getting tattooed that you are theirs, and they are yours. Commitment, being taken, and that you belong to them – all spoken and symbolized in one single, simple tattoo.

couple tattoos 4

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  1. I Love You

Still the best tattoo a person a can get to tell the world that they love someone more than the world. It is not archaic, not out of vogue. Instead, it is super cute and hassle free. And the sweetest expression of love. You can personalize your tatts by getting them in your partner’s handwriting.

couple tattoos 14

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