The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine Review

by Smriti S
4 minutes read

Until now, many of the lovely girls would have known that one of my favorite brands is The Body Shop. Yes, because it is mostly made out of all organic natural products. A few other brands tend to have loads of chemicals filled even in the most basic coconut oil as well. Frustrating to hear right? If coconut oil is loaded with so many chemicals, imagine the amount of chemicals put in serums, hair shines and stuff. In order to have frizz-free hair, it becomes necessary to use a serum. Body shop introduced their own line of coconut hair shine which meant it had the goodness of coconut oil as well as microbeads to give that sexy shine.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine

Basic information about The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine


This coconut hair shine is filled with goodies of coconut oil and adds shine to the hair. This product is actually in a solid form but as soon as it comes in contact with the fingers, it melts into a balm. This product can be used prior to a hair wash or after a hair wash, which means the hair is moisturized all the time. Also, it looks sticky but doesn’t attract dirt which is a huge advantage for those beauties that prefer to leave their hair open.


Rs 650

Net quantity

50g/ 1.7 US FL OZ

Brand claims

This product has been designed for those people who have extremely dry and frizzy hair. If applied generously on the length of the hair before or after a hair wash, it gives soft, smooth, shiny, moisturized hair which lasts until the next hair wash. Not recommended to be used on the scalp. No need to use a conditioner when this product is used.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine 1

How to use

The Body Shop coconut hair shine is a 2-in-1 product. It can be used before a hair wash or after a hair wash. Before a hair wash, it is recommended to apply a teeny tiny bit of product to the length of the hair. Leave over night or for at least an hour. Then wash off using shampoo or home-made concoctions (I use these DIY concoctions, which work like magic, will talk about these in one of my posts). After using this product as a pre-balm, there is no need to use conditioners.

The next way to use this product is after a hair wash. After washing hair and drying it using a muslin cloth, take 2 thumbs full of this product and apply gently to the ends and length. Let it dry. Style hair as usually and enjoy.

My experience with The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine


This doesn’t attract dirt so you can leave your hair untied after usage of this product. It adds a shine which stays until the next hair wash. I didn’t use this product properly the first time I brought it and I had tossed it somewhere in my wardrobe. But when I saw the amazing reviews on a website, I thought of giving it one more try and used this balm generously on the length of my hair and voila! I had the best hair which I didn’t have in ages. In fact, I use this product on my lips, and eyebrows too, it has helped in growing them.


It comes in a cute circular container which is small and can be carried anywhere.


It has the smell of pure coconut milk which is very soothing and relaxing.


After using this product, I swear by this product. I use it prior to my hair wash and afterward too. This is like a serum as well which removes all the frizziness and gives shiny smooth hair. In fact, during the day time, we can see that the hair indeed shines in a very beautiful manner.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine 2

Overall performance of The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine



  • Conditions
  • Adds beautiful shine
  • Smoothens hair
  • If applied before hair wash, washes out easily
  • Oil cum balm
  • Little goes a long way
  • Can be used as a lip balm too


  • A bit pricey

Would I repurchase or recommend?

I would definitely repurchase this product and recommend it to people who hate using conditioners and for those who have frizzy hair. It is one of the go-to products which should be in every girl’s make-up bag. I would give this product a 5/5 owing to its multi-purpose usage.


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