MAC Yash Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Yash Dupes: Oh, fair ladies; we might have hit on just the perfect dupe for you!!
Mac Yash dupe which shows up beautifully on the fair skin tones as it has which has a hint of coral in it that goes well with our fair beauties here.
On other skin tones, this color might give them a very plastered painty look.
not just that it’s also super drying so no matter what kind of skin tone you might have you need to scrub up those babies and then layer them with yash or else it might not look. So appealing if it leaves cracks and fine lines showing up.
now if u aren’t ready to risk buying a shade you are unsure about you can also go ahead and try it out with these dupes.(Psst… some of them might even be better)

MAC Yash Dupes 4

# Mac Yash Vs. NYX Exposed

Not only does this dupe do justice to the color of Yash but is also easily available for just $6.
now the best part about this is it’s definitely more moisturizing than our pretty Yash and the formula is designed in such a way that they leave quite a pigmented effect behind.
Though not as moisturizing as our other buttery NYX lippies but smooth and hydrating enough not to give you any chances of complaint.
Now one tip here is to be very light with the application.
owing to its highly pigmented formula the nude might give you a painted look so my idea would be to dab and smack your lips together rather than going all liberal with the application.
p.s – would be wonderful if tried with a clear gloss as well.

MAC Yash Dupes 1

Image Credit : Pinterest

# Mac Yash vs. Colourpop Magic Wand

This alternative comes in a liquid lipstick form with a doe foot applicator and is said to be highly pigmented.
It’s a warm peach color that’s 98% similar to Yash.
The main difference is the texture as this comes in a moisturizing formula which is much more comfortable to wear and keeps your lips hydrated but then you could always try going to NYX for a matte effect.
This is going to save you $11 and comes with a price of just $6.

MAC Yash Dupes 2

Image Credit : Lani Loves

# Mac Yash vs. City Color Taupe

Taupe is definitely a tad bit darker which might go well with some people who wished yash was just a hint bit darker.
It comes for $5, the cheapest dupe out of the three and also doesn’t seep into those fine lines.
Will give you a pretty much matte effect.

MAC Yash Dupes 3

Image Credit : Clozette Indonesia

If any of these colors give you a washed out look remember to team them up with a clear gloss.
The picture is completely going to change 🙂

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