MAC Creme d’ Nude Lipstick Dupes !

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Creme d’ Nude Lipstick  : Mac has such a wide range of nudes – from pink nudes to fair nudes Mac has it all covered. I have done articles on many nudes but the nude that I have today is not really *the thing* for everyone out there… Our fair ladies might feel a bit out of league today but others well head up because this nude might work out for some of you!

The Lipstick that we are talking about today is MAC Crème d’Nude – a very nude, nude lipstick with a Neutral undertone.

MAC Crème d’ Nude Dupes

It may serve the purpose for the medium and dark skinned beauties but the fair girls might need to watch out as the nude color of this lipstick might give their face a lifeless look. For the others, if you can’t have crème d’Nude you can always go for these dupes.

#MAC Crème d’ Nude vs.  NYX Mirage

THE PERFECT DUPE for this one has definitely got to be our mirage! Choose this dupe and save $10 and get a very creamy buttery texture with a color that’s on point!

Loving it! (Loving the price even more) 😛

MAC Crème d’ Nude Dupes 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

# MAC Crème d’ Nude vs.  Revlon Soft Nude

Another one here is soft nude. The hand swatches definitely look different but the lips swatches look perfect. If I was still asked to pinpoint something I would say there is just a hint of pink more in REVLON but its ever so slight but pigmented?? Yes, a lot. Browner tinted and Pigmented that Mac!

MAC Crème d’ Nude Dupes 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

#MAC Crème d’ Nude vs.  Maybelline Blushing Beige

Perfection is what BLUSHING BEIGE is!

Now everyone knows how lovely the texture of MAYBELLINE is… If I talk of the color well honestly I can’t tell the two apart! Just go for it!

MAC Crème d’ Nude Dupes 1

Image Credit: stay glam

If none of these dupes work out for you then you can try Elf Natural Nymph, NYX Circle, Revlon Just Bitten Charm, and Revlon Nude Attitude!

If this is your kind of nude then go for these dupes’ girls 🙂

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