MAC Shy Girl Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Shy Girl Dupes   :We are back with another treat for the nude lovers. What we have here is a very shy nude for all the shy girls out there. Coral beige with a tad of shine – just the kind of shade to capture a nude lover’s heart!

Let’s see how shy the shy girl’s dupes are 🙂

#MAC Shy Girl vs.  NYX Pumpkin Pie

 Even if you don’t like pumpkin or its pie you will still love this shade 😛

You can never tell which is which when it comes to color. The only thing which differentiates them is the creamy texture of NYX unlike Mac which has a rather lip drying formula.

Price?? Just $6!

MAC Shy Girl Dupes 1

Image credit : pinterest

#MAC Shy Girl vs.  Revlon Demure

 A very demure shade that looks just a wee bit darker than shy girl in the hand swatch but once it’s on the lips there isn’t much telling the two apart, looks the same as Mac.

Revlon does have a simply great texture and feel and has just the right tint!  Another perfect dupe for just $6 🙂

MAC Shy Girl Dupes 3

Image credit : lani-loves

MAC Shy Girl vs.  Rimmel Crush

 Talking about the shade I find the shade to be a little more pigmented than shy girl, it has a little more coral in it giving it a little copper like glaze. But nonetheless a very safe alternative for people who have pigmented lips. What makes it better is its staying power – it stays on for 6-7 hours safely.

All this comes for just $4-5 dollars making it another great swap!

MAC Shy Girl Dupes 2

Image credit : pinterest

You can be the shy girl whenever you want with these demure dupes 🙂

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