MAC Lipstick Half n Half Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Lipstick Half n Half Dupes  : A combination of nude and peach??? A half and half!

Mac brings us the MAC half n half lipstick which is an amplified version of nude lipstick with peach undertones. If you are game for both these colours then you might like this half and half lippie or its dupes which are just as promising I’m sure.

MAC half n half dupes 2

# Mac Half n Half vs. WNW Bebot Love

WET and wild have always been one of my favourites because the colour likeliness is always on point and this one is no exception.

Get a lipstick just as good as half and half for a price of just $3.

MAC half n half dupes

Image Credit : pinterest

# Mac Half n Half vs. WNW Bare It All

 Just in case you didn’t get the Bebot love you can always go in for this other lipstick by WNW which is just as nice.

It has a hint more of peach in it which works out just fine for people who like more of pink in their nudes

Again for a price or $3 a great alternative.

MAC half n half dupes 1

Image Credit : pinterest

# Mac Half n Half vs. NYX Abu Dhabi

 This one has a great texture coupled with a stay on 4 hours.

The only drawback is it is less pigmented than half and half. So you might actually need to go heavy with it and feel free to apply two three swipes of this lipstick.

A price of $6 isn’t much for this nice dupe.

MAC half n half dupes 3

Image Credit : pinterest

You can also try Mac velvet teddy $15, city colour one of a kind $5, NYX exposed $6.50!

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Awesome dupes !!

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Wow! 3 dupes in 1 :love

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So pretty